Sunday, August 24, 2008

Penny writes yet again...

I am not at all decided... I am just weighing the pros and cons. I am not sure that I can vote for someone who is not opposed to partial birth abortion no matter how good the rest of their voting record is. That is the worst thing about Obama. The bible says "I knew you before you were formed in your mothers womb". For this reason I have a problem supporting Obama and I do not endorse or engage in any of his campaign and i do not think I could vote for him.

Apart from his liberal views in this and a few other areas, I find nothing at all sinister abut him as you have convinced yourself, but I find this live birth issue particularly egregious.

I have not decided anything, I just have the ability to be objective and see the positive and negative and also admit the ugly aspect of a situation.

This decision to vote or not vote at all is one i struggle with also. I have vote for men that were wicked and self serving in the past because I went on pubic opinion and the views of those I respected and trusted because I was too lazy to really look at the voting record, history, and character of the person on my own.

Clinton was a sleaze, Nixon & Reagan were racist (I have copies of excerpts from white house documents and tapes with dialog's of them in action).Bush means well but lets face it....he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Though Kennedy is seen as having been the most "For the People" president... most of what he did was prompted by political reasons other than character. Lyndon Johnson did more for African Americans without any political motivations or prompting for questionable reasons....NOT Clinton as many people think.

Obama will not do anything for black people either, but he will be best for most American people in general..(except innocent babies who have no rights). All we can ask is that a president be fair equitable. I would not want who is partial to any one group at the expense of another. Many of these black so called leaders are just snake oil salesmen like the white ones and I have no allegiance to any of them. I take each man on his own merit. I am sooo disappointed that Huckabee proved to be less than the man I thought he was that I dig deep now before being so sure of anybody. He would have been a real Christian president I thought naively, and I looked at all his 17 ethics violations and other things that pretty nasty and I was a bit hurt to be honest.

So all we can do is pray sweety... and follow our conscious and the leading of the Holy Spirit

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