Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's been happening...

A cat who looks like Buddy.

The amazing swimmer - Phelps

The Olympics took off last Friday night, but I went to a Christian conference on the Holy Spirit that night, with lots of dancing and crazy charismatics worshiping.

I've always found it hard to be sitting and watching people do intense sports while I do nothing, but I realize the Olympics are worth watching. Better to watch them without the commercials on the internet, but my computer's operating system won't allow me.

Am staying with my cousin at his house, while my brother is in town visiting my parents with his two adopted daughters. My cousin is a doctor and intimidates me. He believes in fate, more or less, that diseases are an inevitable thing. Feel so intimidated by him that I have intense insomnia and have to take strong, psychotropic medication at night to sleep. I feel that he believes in bi-polar illness and not so much in the power of God to heal, therefore, I somehow am surrounded by that unbelief and it affects me. Thus, my insomnia. The medication knocks me out so much I can hardly function the next day.

Also, my old friend Dominick has taken to sitting with me in the cafe, and I can't get much done on the internet with him there.

Somehow, I'll be up and posting again soon.

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