Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Barack Obama's DNC Speech and Pregnancy as Punishment

I didn't get a chance to say anything about Obama's speech at the DNC. He was unreal. He promised everything. Do you get it? he can't deliver. He is promising the world. He is so full of himself.

And about what he said about pregnancy being a "punishment." Well, I can relate to that. When I got pregnant, I felt that it was a consequence of my behavior. The difficulty that was ahead, the inconvenience of having a child out of wedlock, the having a child with a man who didn't really love me and trying to raise a child on my own was negative, was a punishment. But the child him/herself was not a punishment. The child him/herself was to be welcomed. No negative connotations could be placed upon the child him/herself.

The negative part that feels like a punishment led me to ask what God was trying to tell me. It led me to my knees. I didn't feel that I could react against that "punishment" and try to flush that thing down the toilet and go on with my life. I felt that it was calling me to change my course, to ask myself what I should do to change my lifestyle. It led me to repentance. To abort meant to add sin to sin. To abort would be flying in the face of God - putting a fist up to God, refusing to hear Him. And abortion would be futile. It would invite worse feelings and worse judgment.

No, I am reminded of what bothers me about Obama in this instance.

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