Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black Anger

I feel inspired to talk about the problem of African American anger, seething, brewing below the surface, ready to boil over at any time. I encounter it every now and then, and avoid it whenever possible. And I can always count on it. I can count on it when I make a mistake at a drive in, and don't drive through the way I'm supposed to, and try to drive back out, flagging the car behind me to go through, and when the driver passes me, there are colorful swear words, and that person is black.

Now I know there are angry white people, and that the driver could have been white. But I'm saying that I find I so often have to walk on eggshells around black people in general, afraid that I'm going to stir the adder of anger that I am almost sure to find there.

There is so much anger, built up over decades of struggle in our culture, and understandably so. But anger and wrath are not dealt with wisely by full venting, and certainly, the bible has told us not to go to bed with our anger. But this anger has gone to bed with the owners, and has lived with them, and brewed and gotten deeper and stronger, and fermented. And now it is manifesting in a thing called: Obama. His attitudes and influences are not healthy avenues for anger, and his solutions are not solutions. He promotes more racism, saying that white America is to blame for the blacks who are in prison. He is bad for black America, and will not help the black cause. He doesn't really care about Black America. Come on, get a clue.

When I asked Penny what she thought of Obama, she eventually said she was for him, even though he represents things she totally despises as a born again Christian, probably because she's black. He rallies together black people, and something about that poison of anger works in his favor. All I know is it's bad news.


Gabrielle Eden said...

This is a test. What does the a tag do?

Guitarman said...

Brave little post! Did you write all of that?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yep, guitarman, sure did!