Friday, September 12, 2008

Imitating Satan - what leaders of the Muslim world have come to

Reflecting on 9/11 yesterday, it brought me to think about the leaders of the Muslim world, and the Muslim world in general. Have you ever thought about it? How many designer labels, how many designs of kitchenware, or new technological gadgets have come from there? None. They have not created a thing, yet have brought their energies and talents to bear on acquiring weapons to destroy.

And when You think about how the destructive elements of 9/11 were orchestrated, those responsible used a great deal of creativity and talent, but only to destroy.

And when you think that it took ten years to build the World Trade Center, but only ten seconds for it to topple to the ground, you realize that it takes a long time to create but only a short time to destroy.

Radical Muslims have somehow come to imitate Satan, who didn't create one single part of God's creation, and seems to have mastered only the art of destruction.

Let's remember all those souls bound in the chains of the Muslim society, living in the dark ages, and looking for the light of Christ. Supposedly, many are turning to Christ already. Pray for them to stand strong, to remain firm in faith and to continue to share their faith with others.

It is good to remember Muslims now during the month of Ramadan, their month of religious fasting, where they hope to get rid of their sins.

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