Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anonymous sends correction

Someone named "anonymous" sent me a correction to my post on Obama's troubling internet fundraising. Snopes says that it is false. I got that one from my uncle and he said it didn't come from Maureen Dowd, but I didn't realize that it was completely false. This, of course, doesn't change the fact that Obama has a name not that different from Osama, has a middle name of Hussein, was raised in Indonesia with Muslims, spent twenty years listening to a pastor who says "God damn America," has a dead, hippy mother, has an absent father living in Kenya who is a Muslim,and therefore has no strong family surrounding him, is not in the least a model American and therefore is not in the least a model president.


Guitarman said...

I guess the change we need is to bail out the entire U.S. financial system. This to me sends that same old won't be held liable for your foolishness. Somebody else (you and I) will pay for it.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Obama is going to bring change, huh?