Monday, October 20, 2008

He Said 'Bind Up the Brokenhearted'

In my quest for deliverance from an unforgiving heart, God has shown me something. he has shown me that he did not come to condemn the unforgiving, but to bind up the brokenhearted. That's what it says in Isaiah 61, the passage that Jesus read when he started his ministry. So, when we see an unforgiving heart, we are not to condemn them for not forgiving but to look beyond to the hurt that causes them to find it hard to forgive. God has said to me, "you have been hurt," in my effort to understand why I find more bitterness in me.

This is by no means an excuse for not forgiving. I want to, need to forgive. But I am powerless to truly be cleansed, and look to Jesus and his blood to cleanse me.

I can't forget what a lady at the Toronto church told me. She said that no one can love or minister except through the lover. Children are born because the bride spends time with her lover in the bedroom, being made love to by her lover. So it is with us and God. We must be loved by God before we can love. That is the problem I have been having. I am not in a place where revival is happening, where people know revival power and where I can soak up the power of God, so I can drink in His love. So, I languish for want of His love.

I do the best I can with reading His word and being in His presence in my home, and taking communion for my sins.

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