Monday, October 6, 2008

How does Black emacipation fit in now?

I wrote an essay entitled Black People Listen To Me! that I feel good about, and it expresses my heartfelt desire to see black people come out of their struggles and rise to new levels of freedom. But Obama coming into power and throwing his monkey wrench into this situation, makes me so worried. He spells out regression. He is the source of stirring up anger and bitterness. How many black people see this?


Matthew Paul Turner said...

hey! Jon and I are friends. We started our blogs at the same exact time, but since he has more time we decided he should do it. He has ownership of the blogspot that was once mine. Thanks for writing! Matthew

Gabrielle Eden said...

thanks for explaining!!!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh, but Matthew, I forgot to say, that blog is inactive. Why do you keep it when it has no posts??????