Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I said "sorry" to Penny

Dear Penny,

Hi. I am in Beth Moore's study "Breaking Free" and in one chapter, she confirms what you said about prejudice - she says it is more prevalent in the church! Just what should not be, as I think it is the church that moved forward and was the impetus to end slavery, etc.

I think it means there is an abundance of hypocrites, because the believers who are in a deeper relationship with God are not prejudiced. Regardless, this is a shocker!

She said that she has been through abuse in her past (rape?), and that it helped to have people come up and just say to her, "I am so sorry this happened to you." She said we should do that with people, and got into talking about how white people have come to a place, being in the third and fourth generations since slavery, where the need has come to deal with the wounds that black people still have from the past. We have inherited that responsibility even if our ancestors were poor too and were not slave owners. I have thought of that before, but with her admonition, I thought of saying some things to you.

I just want you to know that I am sorry for the degrading beginnings for black people in America. I am sorry for the slavery. I am sorry for the abuse, and the slander, the murder and the terror.

I am sorry for any pain that you have endured as a black person because of unkind attitudes, behavior or words of white people who 'had it in for you' because you are black.

If there are wounds left because of your journey in America as a black person, I pray that those wounds will be fully healed and that you will find the power to forgive and receive from Jesus all the grace and love you need in life, to live the life you desire.

I pray that I can do my part to mend the breach and heal the wounds.

In Christ's love,


Penny wrote back:

That is really sweet. I don't hold any white person accountable for the sins of their fathers and I hope no one holds me accountable for anything my ancestors may have done. But it means a lot that you would be caring enough to say that. As a result of slavery I am probaly as much white as I am black, native american, african, and everything else. So for a black person to be predjudiced is ignorant anyway as they woud have to hate themselves. If we are all descendants of Adam & Eve then we are brothers...all of us with inherited sin. I had my DBA done by National geographic for teh Genome project where they trace your deeo ancestry and it came us as heplagroup "W" which is rare. Its Eurasian, which I had never heard of. I am a descendant fo one of the orginal founder lines of the Ashkenazi Jews (non european) which can be narrowed down to one of 4 women. (That blew my mind). There are a lot of people groups in my mix. I joined a website for my heplagroup and most are European and all have a lot of my genetic markers but one woman matches me almost completely as we have all the same markers almost and she is in the Netherlands. She is a naturakl blond with blue eyes but has natural dark olive skin. (unusual for a blond). So I am just a mutt :-) and and I embrace all of the people groups in and out of my direct lineage.
I am deeply disturbed by racism in the church, and think we shoudl all reach out more to people who don't look like us. Tha's why I love V.O.M.
There are white people who suffered and were persecuted because they stood up and helped slaves and many of their stories are hidden under all the bad things. A true black history month would include them also. Many were secretely helping in the underground railroad and are annomyous.

I like Beth Moore but have not yet taken a course of hers....though my church has had several (at times/dates I was working). I love Kay Authur and have gone to tenn for a weeks class at her center in Chattanooga. Because I have no immediate family and my mom died when I was 11 God has always put strong women in my path. Some were strangers who had a profound impact. I paid about $400 for the Precepts class at Kay Arthurs institute...that included class for a week, room and board and 3 meals a day. (3 glorious meals :-) It was a nice time.

I really like you Gabrielle.... (but I still like Joe Biden better than Sarah Palin:-) I actually like McCain (just not for president). I think he is quite a different man from what the Republican party has made him promote himself as in this election. I just don't see any benefit or hope for the poor, or middle class with that ticket. I did vote for Bush last election (only due to the Live Birth bill and the fact that he is the only one who publicly professed Jesus Christ. I don't liek either Democratic or Republican party to be honest as neither are Christian, and both self serving. Hillary was just as nasty as McCain in bringing out the worst racism in her campaign and in promoting fear. I am changing my party to independant. I have no faith in any politician. I did not want you to think that I loved you any less just because we look at see some things differently. I lost $25,000 from my 401k so far (in 2 weeks)...but after seeing the suffering all over in the underground church I am not fretting over it as God is my refuge and shelter so whatever comes...comes.

I just arrived at work. I did a V.O.M. presentation at a small church in Queens Sunday night. It was such a Spirit filled little church. I loved it. I am going to speak at a Spanish Pentecostal Church on the 19th so pray for that event.

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