Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's working! (2)

My communion taking and repenting - it's having an effect. My sleep is returning, even while we're all still worried about the elections, I have peace enough to sleep, although I have been waking in the night, thinking about things like, "what if Sharia law is forced on us because Obama ushers in the acceptance of Islam?" things like that, but then I go back to sleep. Whatever mania was setting in has stopped. I'm back on low doses of medication - just 50 mg of Topamax and 1.5 mg of Risperdal.

With cleansing in my soul from unforgiveness and bitterness, there's no telling the ultimate effect it will have. I expect to have more energy, and maybe go off medication altogether. Reading a chapter a day of the New Testament to my dad has sure helped a lot.

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