Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's working!

I told you I was taking communion and repenting and praying for God to change my heart, to take out stone and give me flesh, to take away mercilessness, to give me love, to take away unforgiveness, to change me. In the process, I find that I am changing, and lo and behold, the pain in my arm is going away. My arm was so bad that I couldn't lift it in back to put on my bra. But now it's almost back to normal. God is good.

I was saying that my dad, who I had a hard time loving, also has pain in his arm. I wish that I could share this victory with him but I am not able to show him how to do this same thing - to go to God and appropriate Christ's work on the cross, coming in humble repentance, asking for God to change the heart, so that he can see a breakthrough and get healing. This revelation just doesn't seem to come to him.

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