Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin-Biden Debate

I just want to get my two cents worth in. Some anonymous commenter said that women hate Palin because they question their own value, and I couldn't disagree more. I only know that I feel pride in Palin and have a great deal of confidence in her. Instead of envy I only want to see her succeed and I trust her.

I don't care what race or gender, as long as a person has character and stands behind the things that I believe in, I will support them. And that goes for Sarah Palin.

She's beautiful and competent and real. I stand behind her 100%!

Biden has a face that Hollywood would choose to cast in a movie playing the character of a corrupt CEO. His eyes absolutely bug the living hell out of me. I can't stand to look at them or in them. His mouth is irritating too - a mouth that berates and derides and bitterly criticizes. Ugh. Why do the Dems never see how unlovely their candidates are?

Unfortunately, I think that no matter what the truth is, I think that Biden was able to appeal to Americans with his schpiel about how Bush has failed and he and Obama are going to come in and save America.

I could tell that things he said weren't true, and I had a sense that I couldn't be sure that I could trust him to stay true to the things he says, yet I don't think a lot of American's see through this.

Full transcript of the debate here.


Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Gabrielle~

I am curious as to your thoughts on the environment in the Conservative movement (it seems that to conserve would be conservative) and from a different group Christians that want to practice Biblical stewardship of the creation just as with money with guarded cultivation.

Gabrielle Eden said...

My sister worked in her earlier years on environmental issues, having studied entomology. I've always been a "natural," loving nature - camping, etc. I care a great deal about the earth. It's just a fallacy that conservatives don't and yes, the word conservative implies that they would.

The only deal on global warming is the idea that the earth isn't doomed, and because of man, that man isn't some kind of virus destroying the earth with his very existance. Conservatives are just a little more optimistic about the outlook, that's all. It's not that it isn't a concern.

Pollution is real, and yes, stewardship of the earth is very biblical! I recycle, have a fuel efficient car, and do everything I know to do to be kind to the earth. In other words, I have a conscience about what hurts the earth.