Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Penny & I again

I wrote: "What do you think of Sarah Palin?

Penny wrote:

I think Sarah Palin is little more than a cheerleader for the Republican party. She basically was hired to get the crowd hyped. I am an admirer of Biden. He is the one who authored the laws we currently have protecting women from abuse. He also is very open and honest, and not a man of pretense of mere acting. I love the way he rode the train home every day fron D.C. to Delaware to be with his boys rather than stay in D.C. I like it that he is so passionate about his convictions that he will get emotional occasionally. I love it that he has more experiance and seniority than anybody in congress and would be ready to assune the presidency if something happened to Obama. Biden makes up in areas where Obama is less experianced.

MCCain didn't even know Spain was in Europe...thought it was in Latin America (did you see that interexchange between him and a reporter?)One of McCain's closesteconomic advisors (former Texas senator Phil Gramm authored the deregulation that caused this blatent arrogance and abuse of power that has our country in this crisis now.

Like most people I cringe when Palin takes the stage...hoping she doesn't humiliate herself. She is a pretty woman, and Iike the fact that she has religious convictions but she is allowing herself to be used like a pawn and she is way over her head and out of her league. It's an insult to women in general to use her in this way but particularily to the sharp, politically savy republican women that McCain could've choosen. It was not merely irresponsible but reckless to choose a running mate that you have met only once, never vetted, and know little about.

Sadly I think both McCain and Palin were good people prior to this presidential race. They have been groomed to win at all costs and stoop to any level. The party can't even trust Palin to do an interview except for carefully rehearsed talking points and she is not allowed to veer off those things in which she has been taught in a crash course...like a parrot.

Basically everyone who votes for McCain that is poor or middle class is only harming themselves.

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand forever. Isaiah 40:8

I wrote back:

I'm definitely behind Palin. I think she's not only beautiful, she's competent, intelligent and trustworthy. And she stands for the things I believe in. I hope you enjoy my essay. (I sent the essay on Black People)

Penny wrote back:

That's an interesting perspective.

About Palin..... you can't be serious. A friend of mine that was a senator and head of the black caucus one told me politics really has nothing to do with who you are or what you do...but public perception. I think to even suggest Palin be put in a position where she could feasibly be president of the free world is preposterous. Because a woman is likable and has good showmanship does make for a world leader. This is not a typical executive job...this is the highest, most important job in the world. She is a joke...even the republican base cringes when she steps up and many have quietly calling for her to voluntarily step down. (Its too late to replace her now).

Gabrielle...this is America. We have an abundance of intelligent qualified people with morals and values. The day that someone like Palin can sashay her way into the presidency is a sad day indeed and brings us to a new low. We are the butt of ridicule already by intellectuals.

We must look deeper than what the spin masters give us and look at what we are really dealing with. She is a professing Christian which I cannot dispute or confirm, but she has no problem lying and fabricating her record, or changing positions when its profitable. That is not what I stand for or believe in. She has no problem taking a lie and spinning it when she is instructed to.

Have you actually looked at anything the Republican party has been feeding us and compared it to the actual truth, or to the record?

Hillary was very popular due to uneducated poor people liking her. Even in Ohio and states that NAFTA would hurt the most they ignorantly bought her bill of goods. Bill Clinton is the original author of NAFTA and Hillary not only supported it originally but her campaign strategist was caught negotiating it while she was speaking against it. It's a insult to manipulate people like that while at the same time screwing them out of their future. McCain had to fire that duchess from his campaign for referring to them as "rednecks" in a speech. These are the same people Republicans are trying to woe with Palin. Except with Palin they feel it will pacify Christians. I am sick and tired of Christianity being prostituted and I don;t think Christians should endorse any political party....however I do believe we should be involved in the political process when our rights are being violated.

Dobson has gone entirely too far and I have lost all respect for him and will not support him anymore for how that Republican rally he sponsored was selling Obama Pancake mix with Obama wearing a Muslim hat on one side of the box, and saying point to Mecca for better taste or something. There was also a racial slur toward the Spanish on the back also....something about immigration and heading to the border.
Evangelicals are some of the most racist people in America. Even the seminaries are racist (Bob Jones Univ. a case study in racism). Ryrie of whom the Ryrie study Bible is named after is another one... Philadelphia Bible College was extremely racist when he was there. One of my closet friends an African American that is a Greek and Hebrew scholar graduated from there (undergrad) and he can tell you some shocking things about how he was treated. He now teaches at a high school and several seminaries part time, and is also a pastor.
The media and all independent sources have debunked though research all notions of Obama being a Muslim yet the Republican party has used fear and ignorance to convince many whites and evangelicals and Jews that Obama is a Muslim and or will be sympathetic to Muslims. I don't buy any notions of Republicans being more Christian that Democrats even though they publicly are ant gay marriage and pro life... That too is a deception and merely a political tool. It is a fact... statics show that more woman have abortions under a Republican administration than a Democratic administration because more poor women suffer more financially. Do you realize that if Bush has passed that bill on privatizing social security he was trying to pass a few years ago...that most people would have only a portion of their social security right now with this market decline? Poor and middle class people who vote Republican are being bamboozled....there is nothing to benefit us in their program. I voted for Bush like a fool because I bought into all the spin about Christian values. Bottom line is this.... you cannot legislate morality and I can not even trust Christians anymore...much less Republicans....most are all out for motives that have little to do with Christ or the betterment of society, but based on some body's face. When Palin used that racist slur "He's not one of us" I knew she had totally told out...and is hardly the sweet, christian soccer mom but a treacherous woman who will accomplish her goals by "Any means necessary". Granted these are not her words she is saying 90% of the time but old Reagan Republican "code" but as a Christian she would not be able to be a party to this if she was what she portrays herself to be.

I may not even vote this election at all. Politics as a whole is dispicable and when Christians align themselves intimately with a party we are dancing with the devil. Eventually we allknow they will turn on us....revelation clearly shows us that we will jailed and killed so why do we blindly go as mice to the slaughter. We should be set apart from teh world and our place is to win sould for Christ. If we do that the rest would fall in place.

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