Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Reasons I am no longer a Democrat

by my sister Louise

Louise is my older sister. She is amazing. In her late 40s she got her masters in church history while finishing raising her three children. She traveled all the way to Wheaton college in Chicago from Minneapolis to do it, making regular visits. At about 50, realizing that her church history degree wasn't going to pay off, she decided to pursue something that had always been sort of a dream for her. She became an architect. She now works as an architect in her late 50's. She knows the meaning of hard work, helping her husband while he has struggled with unemployment.

She is a Christian, a loyal friend, a loyal sister, devoted mother and devoted wife. She is solid gold.


I used to vote Democrat, but eventually could no longer justify it. Why? I realized that what they stood for was opposed to my most important beliefs. Here are a few reasons I think religious people should have a difficult time supporting Democrats.

Suspicious of democracy. Get great social changes (abortion, gay marriage) decided by a few judges, and block the public voting. Will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will take the most important decisions out of the hands of voters.

Democrats believe government can do everything better than families, businesses, voluntary associations. Suspicious of business, promote more government control.

Republicans defend freedom of speech for religious people; Democrats defend freedom of speech for pornographers, criminals, terrorists.

Republicans defend economic, religious, political freedom. Democrats defend freedom of vices (pornography, drugs, prostitution, homosexual practice).

Democrats love freedom of abortion, dislike freedom of school choice.

Think solution to failing schools is always more money (and, of course, therefore more money to the Democratic party through the teachers’ union).

Democrats always say they are the party of the little guy, but now Republicans have become the party of the little guy – people with little political clout, who work hard and don’t ask the government for handouts. Now the Democrats are trying to remove the right of union members to vote privately – which benefits unions, but not the little guy union member. Ultimately, the littlest guys in our society are unborn babies, and it is the Republican party that has stood up for them, not the Democrats. Most recently, they removed the word “rare” from the Democratic party platform about abortion.

If Obama wins, there will be one-party rule, with both houses of Congress & the White House, and of course the media, in control of the Democrats. No longer checks and balances: my biggest fear is what the gay agenda of Democrats will do: force schools to promote homosexuality (already started in three Minneapolis schools this year), make it a hate crime to say it is wrong, take away tax-exempt status of Christian schools and churches if they say homosexuality is wrong, promote adoption of children by gays (a grave injustice to children who have no say in the matter), and in general, strike another death blow to the family unit.

A nationalized health care program will end up costing more than any other option, with rationed care, huge bureaucracy, and fewer choices to consumers.

Atheists and the ACLU feel more comfortable in the Democratic party. Religious people feel more comfortable in the Republican party. (This, by the way, has been true since its beginning in the 1800s at the time of the Civil War.) Religious people know there is something above and beyond politics, and secular people are less likely to think that. More Democrats use politics as a substitute for religion.

The atrocious way they treat the military: Haditha, AbuGharib are their big stories: one turned out not to be true (Haditha). Typical Time cover story: use of Prozac by the military. What about hero stories about the people who are putting their lives on the line for us? Not there.

Lack of economic common sense. Don’t realize how wealth is really created, and don’t seem to understand how our country has become so economically successful. Want to give more of the economy to the government. Want to make poor people more dependent on the government. Republicans want businesses to be free enough and have money enough to create more jobs, and thus giving dignity and purpose to poor people.

I always root for the underdog, and Republicans are the underdog, in every power arena. Democrats control all major cities, mainstream media, schools, universities, Hollywood. Final holdouts are churches and businesses.


Kim and Chris said...

Wow! That's encouraging. I hope there are many others like your sister (converted democrats) who have/will vote for Republicans in this election.

Guitarman said...

I'm not so worried about he gay agenda. I'm more worried that it will now be another 8 years til the house, senate and presidency swings back to the conservatives and we can start seriously talking about the sanctity of life. God bless.

Gabrielle Eden said...

We're all worried. Now that it's the next day - it's November 5th and Obama has won, now we're wondering about Al Franken here in Minnesota, another weirded out Democrat getting into the Senate, I'm just trying to get my focus on God and on the larger picture. I just keep asking - "how can we have more sin, more abortion, etc? than we have already had?" I just say, "no, God, no!"