Monday, November 17, 2008

an E-card from Penny

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In reply: Thank you so so much. You speak my own language - cats. I didn't properly respond to your last correspondence. I agree with you - they will come after us. It is in the light of voice of the Martyrs, and persecution, that things become clear, and I think we become more united. So, dear sister, cling to our Lord, and nothing else.

The thing that has bothered me about Obama is the cultish fervor for him - like a rock star, and it's not healthy.

We must look to Christ. But I know you know that!

I hope all is well.



Penny's response:

Yes, people all over the world are excited about Obama becasue he does not promote fear and hatred. He is just an averege guy that worked his way up from poverty and adversity. Becasue he is a black man that has a family, an education, a clean reputation and no criminal record or scandals associated with him a lot of people have tried to demonize him. People have made up so many lies and rumors about him. Many I recieved in emails from Christians. They first tried to make him a Muslim..that did not work. Then they tried to make him a racist...that did'nt work. Then they tried to make him out to be non-patriotic..that did'nt work. Then they tried to make him out to be a Socialist...that did'nt work. Any reason one could find to justify their own fears was acceptible and believable. And any candidate, no matter how ill informed or ignorant was acceptible and preferable by many. But he prevailed in spite of all that because many of us were so turned off by the level fo lies and racism that this campaign took. I don't believe McCain is a racist but he was forced out of desperation to pull out all stops. That is the Republican Base, not McCain. The McCain that gave the speech conceeding the race is the McCain that most people knew. But the level that was stooped to by Hillary and McCain appealed to the sentiments of the lowest of our society.

4 teens jumped out of a car in Brooklyn yelling Obama and beat this black kid with baseball bats. That is the kind of people all these lies have stirred.

When the country was all excited about Reagan no one thought that was cultic. But because Obama is black and many people are excited about him people think he must be the anti-christ. Becasue people cannot find any real reasons to hate him...they either create some or are all too willing to believe whatever someone says.

I think "Talk Radio", and Conservative Evangelicals have been some of the most aggregious at this and I am almost ashamed to call myself an evangelical anymore but this is familiar. Its the same as when black people as a whole was scorned and good Christians went along with it..all the while praying and worshipping on Sunday in and among themselves.

I have no allegiance to any political party and I think that rather than being so involved in the political process we as Christians need to be trying to exhibit the love of Jesus Christ. You cannot legislate morality... Only Jesus can save a man or this country..not government.

We as Christians are not prepared to change the world, we have to first change our own hearts.

My hope is not in Obama, never was... my hope is in Jesus Christ.

I think Obama is a the kind of Christian that we are were at once....having made a profession of faith in Jesus but really not haven matured in the faith. I have seen no one in our government that I percieve as a mature Christian. I do see some that are using evangelicals as leverege. And I see Evangelicals prostituting Christianity and naievely buying into this.

It is like the Word of God says about the anti-christ..and the lie. "Even the very elect will be decieved".

I pray for our government and all of our leaders. You cannot in my opinion attain a very high position and be a an authentic mature Christian without compromising and you can't remain there without doing the same. It's the nature of the world we live in. No one can come into power unless allows it, and no one can remain there unless God allows it. I am working on fixing my own flaws and weaknesses...this country I leave to God.

My response:

I am working on my flaws too. All I could think about on election day was that I have to work on my forgiveness issue. I have a deep root of un-forgiveness and bitterness, a besetting sin that God revealed - I didn't even know it was there! I thought I was OK! So, I have been going to work on it, wondering about a long fast (I've only done 24-48 hour fasts so far. Almost did a 72 hour fast.)

I think that's the reality for Christians is getting the sin in the camp out. We have had a lot of sin in us, and it makes us a bad witness. The widespread acceptance of Harry Potter isn't good, the rampant divorce and fornication isn't good. And I'm not pointing the finger at you, since I know you're divorced, because I know divorce has shaken down marriages where people were sometimes "sleeping with the enemy" and God has intervened to remove his child from that situation.

But we need to look inward right now in a big way, because the liberal God haters are moving towards persecution in this country and we need to fight with the weapons of righteousness, not weapons such as hate and retaliation.

I knew that you were looking to Jesus, and when I said that I was only reinforcing that reality.



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