Saturday, November 1, 2008

Expelled by Ben Stein

This is the most awesome film, with cute, adorable Jew Ben Stein, with his very dry sense of humor. You can sense how intelligent he is, and he has done a brilliant job with this film. It's about the attempt to suppress the truth about an intelligent creator God behind the creation in the field of biology. I didn't realize that scientists and university professors who believe in truth were facing this kind of persecution. It's so scary when you consider that Hitler was inspired by the same Darwinian ideas.


Sybil said...

You are a racist.
An anti-semitic racist hypocrite, hiding behind "christianity."

You should count your blessings for the 1st Ammendment. Anywhere else in the world, the poison you write here would land you in jail or worse.

Gabrielle Eden said...

How does calling Ben Stein a cute, adorable Jew make me an anti-semitic racist? My head is swimming. I think of Ben Stein as an example of the brilliance that I find amongst Jews and that's why I admire him and this piece of work, which is what I thought I was expressing in this post. What do the words "cute, adorable Jew mean to you?

Sybil said...

Please, I don't know what's worse; the fact that you write (think) the way you do, or that you have to ask what's wrong with it.

Listen, I apologize for lashing out in your comments. We are all entitled to our ideologies. Apparently you and I are on diametric opposite ends of the spectrum, and as such I tended to seethe.

I shall leave you to yours, and not be a further bother to you.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Dear Sybil,

thanks for your apology. You are welcome to come here and comment anytime. What I am trying to say is that I love the Jews (except for the rotten ones - ha!) They are usually funny, and brilliant. I wrote a post called "Why Do I Extol The Jew?" It's on my other blog Go Free Now. I just didn't get how you got that I was being anti-Semitic out of what I was saying, and figured you were just reading it wrong.

Ben Stein is another example of Jewish wit - he has this very dry sense of humor - you almost miss it in the film, you wouldn't even know he was cracking a joke. And the film is deadly serious too - he isn't trying to be funny in most of it, so there isn't much humor, but the film is put together so well, and in that his intelligence is expressed as well.

Anyway, have a good day, and I hope you survive menopause as I did (guffaw!)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Note: I eliminated a comment by "anonymous" that said only: you are a racist pig. I am noting it because I thought it might be interesting to note.