Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are you a Bloghead?

Ok, don't get the wrong idea. It's not like being a pothead or a Deadhead. God forbid if it's actually an addiction or an obsession. It's borderline. But you don't want to be a bloghead either. It gets a little scary.

You know you're a bloghead when:

1. You can't go a day without a blog entry. (You can't go a day without the internet for that matter.)

2. You want to blog more than just about anything else.

3. You have a sitemeter and you watch it religiously.

4. When the sitemeter shows readership goes down, you are tempted to lose your focus on the reason you blog in the first place. Instead of posting from the heart, you begin to think about fanfare and how to keep it up. You think, "I'd better keep the posts coming."

5. You get post writer's block.

6. You visit hugely successful blogs such as "Stuff Christians Like" and drool over the number of profile views (over 40,000) and over the number of comments (sometimes over 200.) You compare yourself. You are diminished. You get jealous. You ask, "what makes his blog so successful?"

7. You start to think of newer and better posts to satisfy your readers - losing your focus (that you're just expressing yourself and having fun.)

8. You visit other blogs you like and the question is answered, why he is so successful. You see the pattern in these successful blogs. Their writing is brilliant. They have all sorts of interesting topics and cover them thoroughly and intelligently. Soon you ask, "maybe, since they are covering all these subjects, no one needs my blog." Sulk Sulk. (This is opposed to your megalomaniac moments when you think - "I have an awesome blog!")

9. But then you end up saying, nah! I must blog and blog I shall!

I realized after this difficult self examination as a bloghead, that I need to blog because I do make valuable contacts through my blogging.

The things that matter, the things which unfold each day, can be shared with a much larger world outside myself.

I have asked people to pray and prayers have gotten answered.

Most important, I go the coffee shop to blog and make regular contact with familiar faces who work or socialize there.

Maybe a time will come when this chapter of my life will close, but for now it remains open.


sherri said...

from another fellow bloghead...BLOG ON!

I only have a few that "follow" my site. I don't care. The writing is therepuetic for me.

Keep it up. You will learn alot about yourself.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know - I'm learning already!!!!!!! For now the internet is my window to the world!

Guitarman said...

I'm pretty sure I'm not a bloghead. I'm not sure how many have viewed my profile and don't care. I can't even get motivated enough to learn how to do links or categorize. I did though just go outside and smash 2 pieces of quartz together and create the phenomenon of Tribloluminesence.

Gabrielle Eden said...

OK, Guitarman, I got the first couple of ideas in your comments, now I'm working on that last bit!

I'm glad you're not a bloghead!