Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks For Praying

I want to take this time out for thanking my fellow bloggers who visit here for the many prayers that have gone up on my behalf and on behalf of those I have asked prayer for over the years that these two blogs have been active. This is in accord with Sherri's idea of saying what we need to say to those who have helped us.

I want to draw attention in particular to one prayer that I asked for that has been so gloriously answered. I asked for prayer for my company where I work. Man oh man! Read here the state of my company when I asked for prayer.

Read here the almost immediate answer to prayer.You can't believe it now. We had these older people working there who didn't want to work - had no work ethic (one was a Democrat) and I thought they had some weird obsession with old people and were out of touch. Since then they have hired all these people from a bible school that is nearby, a school that my dad used to teach at, and these kids are hard working and awesome. The atmosphere because of them is so changed. I have a completely different view of my company. They have progressed. I know the owner better and have a good relationship with him. They are paying me pretty well and I have respect with the company.

They are still using telemarketing, but they are also using the young guys in other new forms of sales showing the ability to adapt. Needless to say, they seem to be doing OK financially. The illogical things are still there, but what they do that's unkind or disrespectful (and thus bad for business) is minimal. I'm still praying on that.

I'm still praying for unsaved members of the workforce (who also happen to be Democrats-ha!.) But I am so amazed at the changes that prayer has wrought.

Also I have experienced so much power in prayer when I have been in crisis with manic-depression. My mania, now that I have cycled into a manic phase is at a minimum and I foresee total healing.

Thank you thank you body of Christ! Your value is unsurpassed!


sherri said...

I am praying for you. Right now.

Helen said...

I'm glad things are going better for you. I read your comments a couple of times on Sherri's blog. I am a cyber friend of hers. I am glad that you can forsee total healing. God bless you.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks you guys. It means so much!