Monday, December 22, 2008

Dreams I've had lately

1. Dream about Norm Coleman

I was somewhere, I don't know where and some men were making fun of me because of the sin in my past. Then there were some other men who defended me, and it was obvious they were godly men. Jesus came and took me and the godly men away - we were raptured. Norm Coleman was left behind along with the others who were left behind. It was understood that he would be saved later on but had to be left behind. He would stand strong in the end times. I don't know if it's prophetic or not but wouldn't it be cool if Jesus did come back soon?

2. Dream about thieves

I was living in an apartment or a house with cats and someone came and stole most of my belongings and my cats. I woke up immediately after dreaming this, disturbed and realized what the dream meant. I gave away most of my belongings and lost my cats and all because of manic-depression. Manic-depression is the cruel thief. The real thief is the devil who came to steal, kill and destroy. Since when we have no sin he has "nothing in us," as Jesus said of himself, I know that when I am cleansed of sin the devil won't be able to steal from me any more. Manic-depression will no longer be able to ravage my life.

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