Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brazilian Soccer Players Declare Christ

An 81 year old lady sent me this. Her friends have a son-in-law involved in sports who sends her reports of his world-wide sports programs.

T, a Vietnamese leader shared with me the impact of a recent missions team had on his country when I saw him a couple of weeks ago at a KidsGames conference. The missions team were former national team and top-level Brazilian soccer players who visited Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia last month. Along with soccer matches, clinics, and opportunities for community service, they helped raise funds for schools that were destroyed in the Myanmar typhoon.

What I found interesting was in Vietnam T can't share Christ openly-- it is a restricted country. So stop for a minute and try to grasp this picture. The most famous & popular sports team in the world is the Brazil national soccer team. A team of Brazilians, all committed to Christ, many who played for Brazil's national team were coming to serve the poor, teach soccer, and play the Vietnam Olympic team. The country of 85 million was excited.

With a national TV audience watching, every media outlet present, and every person interested to see how their national team would do against the best, something unexpected happened-- Christ was proclaimed. After each goal the Brazilians (they won 2-0) pulled off their jerseys to show the country that they love Jesus and Jesus loves them. They were wearing "Jesus Loves You" tshirts. It stirred positive conservations in the media, workplace, and schools.

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Stacy from Louisville said...

Your comment on my post was fantastic! I am smiling as I type! Today, you took the cake. Very, very funny of you!


Sherri said...

Yeah!!! I'm now a fan of BRAZIL!

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Gabrielle Eden said...

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