Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

A friend's blog produced this list of 10 Things I Don't Like About Most Christians. I find it very offensive, and untrue. It is not my experience with true Christians.

Look at the list, and find number 5: "they use prayer as an excuse for inaction." Since when? When do Christians pray and then decide not to act because they prayed? What? Our biggest struggle is going ahead and acting without praying. Our biggest struggle is living as if God isn't a part of things, not praying before we do things, not getting His wisdom on a subject and messing something up because we went ahead on it without Him.

Look at number 1: "they consistently seem angry and bitter and worried." What genuine believer, who loves God and is seeking him with a heart of love, is more angry, bitter and worried, markedly than others? It's just not possible. And he is saying "most" Christians. What Christians is he talking about?

And number 2: My Christian friends who truly walk with god, who are spirit filled; it is they who believe in my dreams. No one else does. Everyone else would laugh.
What does he mean?

He is soured on religious people, but I would rather focus on Christians such as my friend who struggles against physical infirmities to hold a weekly bible study in her home, and who lives each day close to God, sensitive to where she might be falling short, or my cyber friend who is involved in bringing food and hope to the people of Haiti.

This list writer is so cynical and he is a pastor. He sounds like a backslidden Christian whose love has waxed cold.

Man! This guy is writing as a Christian about Christians as if he is an outsider. He forgot to talk about "us" instead of them, remembering that he is as at fault as "they" are. He forgot that he will be accountable for his words someday.


sherri said...

Maybe the title would have been better stated as "What I don't like about "RELIGIOUS" people.

He may be referring to religious people who are in the church more like Pharisees and Saducees as opposed to true Christians.

It may have also been his experience around the people in his or other churches.

Sadly, when my Dad was pastoring before his stroke, We came across some VERY cruel people within the church, even worse than some he described in his list. At the same time, there were beautiful Christian people in the church that are bonded to me like family.

Maybe this pastor should have clarified more before posting, but I think I kinda' know where he's coming from. I'd say he's probably been surrounded by some Pharisees and is sick of how they are misrepresenting Chrisianity.

Just a thought.

Helen said...

Dear Gabrielle,
This is the first time I ever read that blog, so I am not a good judge of his motives. But it sounds to me like somewhere he has been hurt and frustrated. I'm not sure he is writing as an outsider, but like someone who is disappointed in others, like one does with their family.
Sometimes in my family, I get frustrated at the mistakes my cousins or aunts or uncles make. I forget that I make mistakes too. Sometimes the same ones that I can't believe some one else did. I guess I am saying that it is possible he is projecting his own mistakes on others, or at least is disappointed that people he cares about don't seem to be growing as he would hope.
I am sorry you were offended. Sometimes I read things other Christians write and feel attacked, too. I teach CCD (Sunday School for Catholics) and I was on a sight the other day where a commentor seemed to blame catechists (another word for CCD teachers) for a lot of the dissention among us. He pretty much said if we taught better, it wouldn't happen. I was livid. What about freewill? What about the fact that disagreements are natural and human? What about the fact that I devote time and energy to teach young people about God, while hespends his complaining about me not doing a better job? I responded to him in anger, and it didn't help. People don't listen when they are being scolded (I mean that metaphorically, since this was all online).
I know it is not my place, but I would suggest that if you decide to confront him, you wait until you feel less offended and angry. That is what I should have done. Then again, maybe I am just projecting. :-)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks for your comments. You are good examples of the good in Christianity. I wrote comments over at his blog. Now I'm going to go over and re-read and hope I wasn't too harsh in what I said.

Man, sometimes I think that being a pastor puts a person in harms way with people - that a person gets burned out on people!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Also, not having responded to what you said, I agree Helen that it doesn't help to get angry, and I hope I wasn't too angry in my response. Sherri, it's true, I guess what I have been trying to say all along is - why is he saying "most Christians" when what he really means is religious people? - true!

Bike Bubba said...

He's, ironically, the pastor to these people. I think he's got something (ahem) of a bully pulpit to lead them to repentance, don't ya think?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Ya, Bike, I think so! It's just that he made me so mad, I'm repenting now of my own wrong attitudes - towards him! Oh brother!