Saturday, January 31, 2009

New In Town! 2009

I already posted the trailer for this movie, but I just went to see it and loved it! Having been in comedy circles, and learned about the world of comedy, I know that it is harder for women to be funny. I know there have been funny women through the years, like Katherine Hepburn, but women have always had a harder time of making us laugh.

But Renee Zellweger is a funny lady! I am so excited about her success in this film.

It is close to my heart because it is about Minnesota, but I think it is universally enjoyable.

And there are surprises about this movie. It was written by a Christian and he is an African American, Ken Rance, who comes from Minnesota. I just think that is so cool.

He was inspired by the true story of a black woman who, like the woman in the movie, got transferred in her job to New Ulm. He thought it was a funny story and the source of a screenplay. He didn't want it to be about race.

He is so progressive. He can think outside the sphere of his own experience to write a touching story about people that he can imagine, even though they may not have been a part of his background. He can think progressively about the experiences of people in New Ulm, where he may never have found himself, and it's not about him being black. He's beyond that.

The Christian part of it is also cool. He puts just a light touch of a message in the film, but it is an effective message.

The movie rocks with laughter.

I think it would also be cool to make a movie, again about a small town in Minnesota, only this time it would be about race, but only for the comic effect. A movie about a black person being the only black person in town could be very funny. It could show how people aren't really racist, but they would stumble over saying the wrong things at the wrong times, things like that. They would welcome the person in.

This screenwriter is the stuff of which the future is made of. He is the kind of black person I believe in, far beyond Barack Obama - he is the true stuff of godliness and Christianity that makes a person reach across color lines and just love and create. Oh, I want to hug and kiss this guy!

Here is a video of him doing an interview.


sherri said...

I really will try to catch this movie.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I'm definitely going to buy that one. Or could you have guessed that?

Helen said...

I saw this movie with my husband's cousin! I know, i was supposed to be celebrating "Man Day", but my husband thought it was nice for me to get out with the ladies, too, so I went.
It was awesome. I know what you mean by "light touch". They didn't so much make fun of her for witnessing. They demonstrated that the character who witnessed cared about people in many ways, one of which was witnessing about Jesus. When the movie begins, she seems to be an awkward character, but as I continued to watch, she wasn't so much awkward as authentic, and she had a HUGE part in helping the town.
BTW the she/her I am talking about is not Renee Z's character, but one of the Minnesotans (is that the right name, Gabrielle?)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yes Helen, you're talking about Blanche, one of the main characters. I don't know her real name. She's got that accent that exceeds "Fargo" in its exaggeration of Minnesota's accent. I didn't mind being made fun of at all. I don't even mind being made fun of as a Christian, as long as the real side comes out, as you pointed out.