Monday, February 9, 2009

Bill Gates

There was a special on TV recently telling about Gates' history with Microsoft - the litigations because he had a sort of monopoly on the market, and his recent retirement and commitment to philanthropic giving. He has slways seemed like such a nice guy, and I've always liked him, and he has seemed so amazing considering the huge amount of money he has($59 billion) and his attitude and his huge generosity ($30 billion give-away).

I wondered if he was Jewish because of his brilliance, because that brilliance is usually coming from a Jewish mind.

I went looking for his ethnic origins but you can hardly find anything about that. One source says something about his parents going to a Congregational church, and that Bill learned bible verses. Another source says, he is indeed Jewish only he is not practicing like his parents. You can't seem to trust the internet.

Mostly you find plenty that says Bill is agnostic or an atheist and is quoted as saying he finds religion a waste of time. One source claimed he was contributing to some Satanic organization, but I don't believe them.

All I know is we should pray for Bill, because Jesus said, "what does it profit a man if he should gain the whold world but lose his soul?" Here is an article asking if Bill Gates will go to heaven.

It has an excellent explanation of why we evangelize, as it talks about not knowing if a person is saved or not, such as Bill Gates. It says:

This also raises the question, Why do we evangelize? We evangelize for many reasons. We evangelize so that people may have a full and complete life while here on earth. We evangelize so that they may have confidence that they have eternal life through Christ. We evangelize because we want the best that God has provided for all people. We evangelize because we have experienced a foretaste of God's love and life and we want to share this. We have experienced the source of life that is found in Christ and that has been made available for all people to experience. We want to share the gospel, the good news, of God's creative, restoring power. We evangelize because as lives are being transformed, this transformation brings glory to God, who is the creator. Changed lives bring glory to Christ who is their redeemer. To see God at work requires faith. We evangelize because we seek to share that faith with others, and to encourage life changing faith in others.

Bill was quoted as saying there is no real evidence of a soul. He puts his trust in science.

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