Saturday, February 21, 2009

Burt Rosenberg Makes Me Laugh Again!

Dearly Beloved You-ness,

Sorry I've been a tad incommunicado lately. I've moved. Yep, to a nice, new abode. And, in case you hadn't heard, the process of moving can be a daunting, yea, quasi-terrifying, overly-whelming experience.

You know, not unlike the like the deadly face-off between the snake and the mongoose, it points up man's death battle with stuff. I had considered myself rather unattached to the things of this world. But as I was sorting and packing, I continually found myself with some stupid piece of thing in hand, staring at it...timelessly staring...staring...trying to decide whether this item I hadn't noticed in years needs to find newness of life in the new place, or be tossed.

I tried to adhere to the 8-second Rule. That is, if you find yourself, staring at the same stupid thing in your hand, for 8 seconds or more, un-nostalgically toss its bad self in the doggone trash, just like Ming the Merciless. (That's a Buck Rogers reference, for you whippersnappers.)

Sounds like a good rule, and it is, I suppose. But, I found myself staring at a thing for 8 seconds, then 18 seconds, then two minutes, thinking of the thing's genesis and life story, and life purpose, then put it back where I picked it up from. Know the feeling?

I could hear the inner voice of my beloved departed Grandma, who escaped the Old Country (Austria) with bupkiss (i.e. nothing), saying, "What? You can't throw that away. You'll need that. It's a sin to waste. Whatsa matter with you?"

Wheww!, I won't bore you with the physical exhaustion of the moving itself. Thank God for faithful friends who helped, above and beyond. You know who you are!

In any case, I'm moved in. Now living in Reston, Virginia. Albeit, still sorting through boxes of the stuff that made the cut.

For two months or so, have had no Television or Internet access at all. By choice, neither will be installed until March 1st. A very quiet, meditative and contemplative experience. Have had a reprieve, a respite, a sabbatical from jangling media. A cleansing of the interior palate. (Except for a small radio, so I could monitor, at least a bit, world events, so I could better make fun of them.)

But, most importantly, to take a breath and consider a new era. Life has new eras, you know.

There is one waiting for you, if you would like one.

Mornings, though, I would slip out to a "free Wi-Fi" coffee place and deal with necessary emails, while sipping a nice hot tea, purchased so the proprietors wouldn't think I was a shnorrer. That's Yiddish for a guy who takes without paying back. You know, a guy who uses the free Wi-Fi and don't buy nothin'. Don't wanna be that, heaven knows. Wanna be the opposite of that.

In any case, I'm refreshed, up & atom...full of Love and ready for the next adventure.
And, telling you so on a friend's computer.

In any case, this coming weekend, your humble sojourner will sojourn to Kansas City for a series of new divine appointments, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Including a Joy Seminar, sponsored by Spring Hill Music Academy. You are cordially invited, distance notwithstanding. Come if you can. I'd love to see you.

For further info on the Kansas City events, contact the blessed soul who has set up these events in the Kansas City area, one Dan Wedekind. You can email him at for dates, details and data.

Will be in touch soon. Meanwhilst, take a deep, thankful breath, and know that there is always serene jubilance available to you in the inner sanctum of the secret place.

Your Friend,
in the Divine Smuggling Conspiracy,

For more information about this divinely inspirational Messianic Jewish wonder, who definitely makes you laugh and think and maybe even cry at the same time, go to (It was over there in my blogroll all along!)

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