Friday, February 13, 2009

Look At This!

Taken from my cell phone, it's my first ever internet connection that came to life in the flesh (other than the Minnesota organization of bloggers!) It's Bill Graver! He's over there in my blog roll and you've seen him comment from time to time.

Bill came on my blog by means of a post I did on the ministry in Thailand called "The Well." Bill has a passion for this ministry, which is to bar girls and prostitutes - taking them off the streets of Bangkok, basically an effort against human trafficking. Bill has been over there and worked with them, is on the board of directors of the ministry, and would love to be there, but has a son by a broken marriage, and his ex-wife has custody, so in order to be near his son he needs to be here in the States.

He is vivacious and funny in person - a lot more of his humor comes across than in his blog, where he gets more serious. He touches my heart with his desire to be in ministry, and just his desire to reach out, having contacted me. He is a sweetheart of a person, and reminds me that the true body of Christ is just so awesome!

Bill's job brought him to the Twin Cities for about a month - he is a Tech Consultant and they send him to different cities for a week at a time, in this case for a month. He is all over the place, and his lifestyle is exhilarating, though it could be exhausting for some.

This was a great opportunity for him and I to finally meet. Saturday we are going to try to see the movie "New In Town." I'm seeing it again because it's great!

Pray for Bill - that God would meet all his needs, and that his desire to work in Thailand would be fulfilled.


sherri said...

He has an amazing ministry.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us.


Gabrielle Eden said...

I pray God will bless him too!