Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please Pray For Don

I formerly called him Dominick when I was using different names, but really, first names are OK to keep people anonymous.

His name is Don and I've known him for twenty years. We have been Just Friends and it's been pretty amazing. I met him when I was backslidden, and he's seen me go through all the changes of coming back to Christ. But now I am weary of his endless holding back on God, and frankly, I hardly enjoy his company any more, yet he keeps coming to me for company. He wants to spend time in the coffee shop and all I want to do while I'm there is be on the internet, connecting with real Christians, like I know most of you are!

I want him to surrender his life to God. When????????????

He's living with a woman outside of marriage and never seems to "get" that he's in sin.

Pray!!!!! Pray that I will have the right words.


Helen said...

Gabrielle, don't worry about finding the right words. When the time is right, the Holy Spirit will give you those words, and those words will be affective. Until then, continue to be his friend. He needs a Christian witness by example in his life. He needs someone he can come to for good counsel when he finally comes to terms with his sin.
I have a cousin who lives with her boyfriend. I told her what I think of that several times. I have since given her situation over to God. When she complains about her boyfriend, which we all do about our men sometimes, I tell her "you know what I think. I can tell you again if you are ready to hear it..." She replies "Nah, that's okay." and we talk about something else. I don't want to shut her out, and I also don't want her to become more hardened and stubborn about her situation from my nagging. One day, when I tell her I can tell her again if she is ready to hear it, she may reach out and give me a practical reason she can't leave, and perhaps I can offer her a practical solution.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks, Helen, for taking the time to gie me such counsel. I will believe that if I truly care about him, I will have the right words. Just don't want to get too impatient.