Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayer Request

And I think Sherri will agree.

I need to get off my behind.

I spend hours on the internet. Then I go to work and am on a computer for hours. I want a more active lifestyle. Can anyone else relate to this need for physical activity?

Please pray for me. I want a job that involves physical activity. I once did cleaning for a living, but then it involved being alone - no people contact, and no mental stimulation. Can we win?


Helen said...

I get what you are saying. I am off the internet twice a week now, just because I felt I was spending too much time on it. Now that we are beginning Lent tomorrow, I am going to restructure the time I do spend at the computer.

sherri said...

I'm at a desk all day on the computer too. Then come home for a few hours again. Tonight I was out all evening celebrating my son's 25th birthday!

It felt good!

MizB said...

I'll join you in that quest! Not for a new job, mind you (mine is still fairly new, and I love it), but for more activity in my life! I at on my butt for 10 years (as a stay at home mom), and now I need to get up and get movin'!

Have you read anything by Christian fitness lady, Leslie Sansone? She has a book that combines faith & exercise called, "Getting Fit With Faith". I LOVE Leslie's walking workouts, too! :D

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks you guys. Thanks MizB - I also am not complaining about my job because I love the people at my job, but the inactivity and the excess of computer time, putting together the time on the net away from work combined with that at work - ach!

I haven't read Leslie. I'll have to look into that.

I love my internet time. I love these contacts. Well, let's just pray. God will answer.

MizB - how do you do a link within a comment? I can't seem to do that?

MizB said...

Hi, again! I emailed you to show how I added a link in my comment, because I couldn't explain it here. Hope that's okay! :)