Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She Offered to Pray!!!

An English nurse was suspended for offering to pray for one of her patients. Story is here.


sherri said...

An OFFER to pray was just showing her humanity. Even if the offer was deemed "unprofessional", it was very HUMAN.

My Dad has been at death's door a few times, and had to be taken to a hospital in St. Louis, where a nurse also "Offered" to pray for him. He agreed. ANd he's still with us.

Now had the patient said NO and the nurse prayed aloud anyway, now THAT would be unprofessional and rude.

WHat I don't get though, is why they've made the big deal over it?

If a Muslim asked if they could pray for me, and IF I said NO, and they didn't, that would be it.
WHy would I have a problem?

Gabrielle Eden said...

It's called religious intolerance. The same reason people hate Bush.

Helen said...

Very sad, being asked to hide our light under a bushel...