Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bank Talk

I just got one of those letters from Wells Fargo that just makes me laugh because they are talking about how to pay down your debt.

Let's face it - the only way to pay down your debt is to have some more money to pay it with.

But they are saying "we are going to help you with your debt."

The suggestions don't really do that much to help you.

They say:

Suggested tips for paying down your debt:

* Get organized by gathering all the bills you owe

* Evaluate which bills have the higest interest rate

* Consolidate these higher-rate balances onto your Wells Fargo Credit Card with this special low promotional rate.

What they should be saying is:

* Get off your butt and work harder, maybe nights

* Instead of spending money on gambling, or frivolous things like extra food late at night, save! Remember? Save.

* Inherit

* Rob our bank (we can tell you how)


Bike Bubba said...

Gracious hostess, if you want some really good (endorsed by Bike Bubba no less) financial advice, get yourself over to He's got advice that makes Wells Fargo's look...well....rather lame, IMO. This unemployed guy is sleeping a LOT better at night because he took Ramsey's (and the Bible's) wisdom seriously.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks! That sounds like something a lot of us need. And a good night's sleep wouldn't hurt either!