Friday, March 6, 2009

Divine Healing

Been thinking about divine healing a great deal and found this on the subject. Am concerned about the question of sin being the cause of disease. Derek Prince has a lot to say about generational sin in his book "Blessing or Curse." We can have generational sin passed down to us and operate with this stuff in our lives but it feels so normal, because it's a family norm.

But if we "sow to the flesh" from the flesh we "shall reap corruption," (Gal. 6:7) and that can be in the form of disease.

Thank God He has provided an answer through Christ's work on the cross!

Here is an essay written a while ago entitled, "Is Divine Healing A Part Of The Atonement?"

My friend Gale reminds me that sickness can come because you are following God, like it did to Job. It isn't always because of sin. My manic-depression got worse after I started to seek God. If something comes, it's because God has allowed it, but it will work out for His glory, and it is His will to remove it.

But I think that it's important to search your heart and be sure of what is in it. If you have sickness, do you know for sure that you are cleansed?


Helen said...

Okay, I am thinking about when the disciples asked Jesus who sinned to make the blind man blind, and He said no one. He was born blind so that the Glory of God can be revealed. The He cured him.

But is a cure the only way God's glory is revealed? My mom loves Jesus, and is disabled. She continues to love Jesus, and encourage family members in the faith, even though she remains in a wheelchair. Doesn't the faith of His followers during the most difficult of circumstances also reveal His glory? Won't His glory be revealed at the end of time when she has a new resurrected body? I don't believe that it is always about healing now. It is possible for God, but His plan for glorifying Himself may be different from our own.

Gabrielle Eden said...

But Helen, that's what Jesus did, he healed. Man, I just wish people would get a hold of that! Jesus wanted to heal! Think of how God's glory is revealed through the sign and wonder of healing. But at the same time, divisions and dissensions and disagreements don't glorify God.

I agree that the faith of God's followers during difficult circumstances is good. If this is how you feel, I can say "Amen!"