Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My 'fellowship' situation....

Since I wrote about my church situation, I thought I should explain the larger picture, because it's not as bleak as what it may sound like.

The church my parents go to, the Lutheran one, has a bible study group for women that I attend.

The leader and her husband decided that they were frustrated with the church and now have left, but maintain the study and the same people are attending.

It is a good fellowship of women, and the leader is dynamic - she understood immediately the frustration with the church on Sunday, as I called her about it. She's praying for me on that.

I often find that there is always someone like that you can find for support to "get you through" the tough times.

She has a lot of insight and makes study of The Word exciting.

Also, the reason I was frustrated was because I had actually gone to the leadership of the charismatic church. I told them I needed a church more open to the Holy Spirit, but that I'm helping out my parents. It's frustrating. I'm trying to go to two churches. Can they offer any advice?

The leadership didn't seem to understand why I was coming to them or offer much encouragement, and I was surprised.

I also went to the pastor of the Lutheran church and explained to him what I am doing - why I am going to his church, but also attending the other church. We sat in his office and he was very kind and understanding. Go figure.

The church I used to attend that is headed by two women is one that I return to on occasion just because I want to encourage them. They put work into helping me during a crisis time and I don't want them to feel it was wasted.

Even though their church has problems, and I feel funny about a church with a woman as the senior pastor, there is something good there that I appreciate, and people I enjoy seeing.

In addition to this, there is an ecumenical healing ministry in town that is charismatic, that is open to the public. I go there with healing needs or prayer needs.

I have a prayer partner from the Lutheran church - a woman who sees things very objectively.

My parents and I read the bible and pray every morning and every night.

God is good!


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