Saturday, March 21, 2009

Roberts Liardon

Update on Roberts Liardon, written later than the original post:

I just heard that he has been restored from the gay lifestyle. I hear that he got some good council, that he humbled himself to receive ministry and that he took time out from ministry but is back and writing again. Praise God!

Written 3/21/09:

I just found out that he forsook his calling to pursue Steve and not Eve.

Translate that: he fell into the gay lifestyle.

I am becoming almost overwhelmed as I just read about people of great faith who fell in many ways, but not like that!

I have to say that homosexuality is an extreme form of of sexual sin (usually the erosion that follows heterosexual sin,) and thus alarming.

And though it is possible to come back from falling into it, it is not easy.

The problem with big leaders in big church organizations who seem to have no accountability is that they seem to lack the ability to humble themselves to seek prayer and restoration through confession.

God help the church as this sin creeps in more and more (Satan's agenda.)

And that's why I just want to walk close to Christ - stay in the fear of God, stay with the humble and the simple, never be in the limelight.

Oh God, keep me by your power and grace.

The Lord's prayer: "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."


Anonymous said...

Not holding back...per your request. You spoke some very powerful truth. I like what you said...'cause it's from the Lord. I like the Lord more, of course. Liking the Lord more than what you have written goes without saying. But I guess this is a disclaimer.

Liardon...and the multitude like him...worship man. It's that simple...when it is all broken down.

And the spirit of judgment and spirit of burning...from the Hand of the Lord what is required to purge & purify the blood of His People.

If the judgment, burning and purging IS NOT caught upon...then the person IS NOT a servant of the Lord...Period. Because His People WILL walk in these matter who they are. Because they are His People.

If the judgment, burning and purging IS caught upon...then the person really is a servant of the Lord. Again - These are His People. They WILL walk in this.

In the industrial world...this is what's called a "Go/No-Go" situation.

The Lord made it simple for us - as people.

Thank you for such a pure word.

Wrapped up very simply.

Yet pointed & profound.

your servant,

charles t. marie

PS - Email if you like.

PS - God did the miraculous just lately...for me...of all people.

PS - I think He used me as a Beta Test.

PS - I Put the account in a word doc. and sent it out to all the folks I know.

PS - HE told me HE was sending me to the gentiles...the folks that just don't attend church, don't know the Lord, have left church for whatever reason. I prayed and he told me to contact people who work in casino's. Go figure.

PS - If you want the word doc. just email concerns the swine flu.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Charles,

This is why I have comment moderation. I would never have seen your comment if I didn't have it.

I hear what you're saying. I thought about Liardon lately and thought, "Now wait a minute! He's denying the power of God in his life. And why?"

Thanks for your email. I'll use it.

Anonymous said...

What I like to do when the question of homosexuality comes up, is what does Jesus say about it in the bible. Since as Christians, we are to "follow" the teachings of Jesus, obviously what Jesus says about being gay would be very very important. In fact, I'm sure Jesus has a lot to say about the evils of homosexuality in the bible.

I have been having trouble finding any scriptures that Jesus said about gays. Could anyone help me out. This is freaking me out that I can't seem to be able to read the bible and find the words of Jesus condemning gays.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Anonymous - I don't know what to say, except that Jesus encompasses the whole bible. He came to fulfill the law, as he said, not to destroy it. And the law, if you read it, in its entirety, does include God's "condemnation" of homosexuality.

It says in the gospels that all that Jesus said was not written down, and that if it were, there would not be room enough for it. Very little of what he said is written down. He doesn't cover every sin in the red words, because every word isn't included.

We can only go by what we know - what I said above.

But "condemn" - remember, God does not condemn the sinner, only the sin. The sin of homosexuality is condemned, but not the homosexual.

Paul's writings are very powerful, as he was empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring clarity to the church. He clearly talks about homosexuality.

I have not included references, because I am trying to get this message written back to you in a timely manner, and it would be hard for me to go and find the references in the bible on the computer - I don't have my regular bible here with me, where I have things underlined, and it would be easier to find things.

Hopefully you are familiar with the passage where Jesus says He is the fulfilling of the law, and with the extended law written in the first few books of the bible including Leviticus, and with the writings of Paul. If not, let me know so I can look for them.

Danny said...

Hi Gabrielle,

Perhaps about homosexual you can see on Leviticus 18 and Romans 1:26-27

Anyway... Just a question about Roberts Liardon, where can I find information about when he admit to live in Gay lifestyle?

As I only heard from people but can't find information in the Internet...

Gabrielle Eden said...

Danny - thanks for the references. I doubt that there is anything about it on the internet. He probably doesn't want to go blasting it in public. It is just hearsay. I am happy about the recent hearsay that he has been restored, however.

Anonymous said...

My goodness...discussing "old news" ie: Christian Gossip from 6-8 years ago?

No wonder the world thinks the church is unfriendly, cold, unloving, and nuts.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Anon - did you notice that I updated this? I put that Roberts Liardon has been restored.

Anonymous said...

I was blessed by 2 of Liardon's books and deeply saddened when I heard of his fall. I have prayed for him.

I too was delivered from a homosexual lifestyle over 30 years ago and have never gone back to that lifestyle.

Sin is sin. Often in our self righteousness we think that we are less sinful than THAT because maybe we've only lusted after someone or maybe told an untruth. Jesus said that not even liars or the fearful will make it into heaven.

You can be sure the more God uses you the more firey the darts satan will throw. We must watch & pray for one another, stay in His Word, and stay filled with His Spirit and submitted to His Lordship and remember that God is still a miracle working God. Sin is sin. God is the Deliverer. There is nothing too hard for God. And I for one can testify that His love is truely amazing.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you anonymous for that wonderful, short testimony! In a few words you have said so much! I am so happy to hear of what God has done for you. Isn't it a joy to be delivered from sexual sin? I too have been delivered from sexual sin. It was a long, hard road but I made it out.

Anonymous said...

there are many homosexual people are transformed by the Spirit of God and be free from homosexual life style, they call themselves ex-gays, the following website are all from those ex-gays to share their testimony:
(ministering the life of Jesus to the sexually and relationally broken people)
(Teaching People How to Heal Sexual Brokenness)
Pastor David Foster was set free from homosexuality by God 30 years ago, please go to his website to read his powerful testimony
(national association do research & Therapy of homosexuality)

Gabrielle Eden said...

thanks Anonymous for that information about ex-gays. I am aware of ministries that help people get healed of their homosexuality. One you mention is exodus international. Those are some courageous and powerful ministries. There is nothing more exciting than to hear the testimony of someone who has been "healed" of the gay lifestyle and is serving Christ.

I just went to a meeting here in Minneapolis recently that was put on by "Outpost" a ministry here in the Twin Cities to homosexuals who don't desire same sex attractions. It was a wonderful night of people giving testimonies of how Christ healed them and is healing them of their homosexuality!!!!

Ted Grace said...

Please disregard my angry post from yesterday. I was in a foul mood and was wrong to lash out at you and your readers, and I apologize.

Please, though, try to be a little more tolerant and non-judgemental of those who are different from you.

Homosexuality is not something anyone would choose; it is the way we are created by God, and hearing the constant self-righteous condemnation of so many people professing to be "Christians" hurts deeply.

Please understand that God's plan and assigned life path for every indivdual is different, and no one has the right to judge another or to profess to know what God's plan for that indivudiual is.

What may seem "unnatural" to you may be perfectly natural for another. You cannot possibly know, so it is inappropriate to judge, no matter what it may say in the angry Old Testament.

Remember that Jesus was always shocking the "holy" men of his day by going against the "written law."

And keep in mind that if you want to take these writings literally: women should be put to death for wearing jewelry and fancy clothes, and for being disobedient to their husbands. Also, we are commiting aboninations if we eat shellfish, pork, or wear clothes made with two different fibers.

If Jesus is as close to you as you say He is, then ask him to clarify for you, and I'm sure He will.

God bless,

Ted Grace
Boston, MA

Gabrielle Eden said...

Angry Old Testament? What about angry Jesus?

He is the one who clearly spelled out that there is a Hell.

Ted Grace said...

As long as we're on the subject of are some Bible passages for you to ponder.

"And a man will choose...any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman...Sin began with a woman and thanks to her we all must die" Ecclesiasticus, 25:18, 19 & 33. 1

"And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her." Ecclesiastes 7:26, from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament

And from Thomas Aquinas:

"As regards the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power...." Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica,Q92, art. 1, Reply Obj. 1.

If I'm going there, looks like I'll have some company.


Gabrielle Eden said...

You're taking those scriptures out of context. God never said that women were more evil than men.

God gave Adam more responsibility than the woman at the beginning. That's why we talk about the "old Adam" and the blame has been placed on Adam for the fall. He was not supposed to listen to Eve.

Have you ever began a relationship with God through Jesus Christ? Consider the passage in the New Testament that says, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

And, "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

And, "except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." What do these scriptures mean to you, and why did Jesus come to die?

Evangelical Carmelite of The Divine Paraclete (E.Carm) said...

Hi Gabrielle.. you have such a beautiful name.

in response to your post, i thank God if Mr.Liardon is true to himself about his "healing" from the gay "lifestyle". And i hope that his "confession of healing" is not a lie to cover up the truth about himself for the love of preaching and pastoring.

in your last post you quote the Scriptures about original sins of mankind and the coming of short of God's glory and also quoting the born again verse to against homosexuality. well there are problem using that verses to shy away sexual orientation because we could use the same verse by Paul that tells women to keep quiet and not telling other men what they should believe/do (like writing a blog and telling MEN what sin is not).

we are the children of God saved through grace by faith. If a believer have faith in Christ, s/he will receive the grace no matter whether they are gay or straight. if you try to say ONLY straight folks will receive that grace and salvation then you have put God on your own limitation since God because of his own will and grace is not obligated by our condition. in the other word if a gay person believes in Jesus as God and Saviour by grace they are saved and became that bride of Christ. You and I surely with lack of theological background and reason read the text in the way far from the historical condition cannot tell people who are on the heaven checklist.

The fruit of the Spirit and the attitude of love should be the evidence of a new born person. Jesus came to take away our sins not our sexuality. sorry for the harsh word but my anology is that God surely can take away your sexual SINS in the past but he's not gonna make you physically virgin AGAIN for the sake of your future husband.

surely your passion with your husband is an ongoing process as we call the manifestation of love for both of you. If you have no sexual desire that would certainly be a problem in your American LIFESTYLE (well of course as married couple). Well im sure God would not be offended if you ENJOY "intimacy" with your husband if not everyone should be locked up in monastery doing blog and facebook telling the Christendom that s/he is holy and virgin and the rest of the world will end up in hell if they do not "repent" (aka live the way i live).

dearly sister, you are sweet with God's faith and have a great zeal for God just not WORK your faith hard on this false issue rather walk in love and press on to signs, wonders and miracles more. you will be a blessings to others and not a curse. just because we know something doesnt make us a theologian. Hold to what you believe in which you think can make you a righteous and worthy person in the eyes of God and do not like the rest of the world busy on proclaiming that God told us to hate the sins and love the sinners not knowing that hating the sin will actually hating the person who is in sin.

a true prophet and pastor are those who wills to extent the Messiah's love and healing hands to others. Condemning is God's own works unless if we are without sin, go and cast the first "stone" in public, room or the internet.

blessings and love of Jesus Christ and the Father and fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with you sister.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Evangelical Carmelite - I am not sure what to make of what you said, except that you end up with a positive and loving attitude and you blessed me, ultimately, so I thank you, and I bless you as well.


P.S. I am glad you like my name

Emmanuel said...

Homosexuality was a sin that made God to destory Sodom and Gomorah. Romans 1 :21-32 addressed the sin of homosexality, as it will bring God's wrath upon a life. Yet for in it God can set them free throuph the power of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. But such must acknowldge that it is sin and must come out of their shell and seek God's face in prayer.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Amen, Emmanuel!

Anonymous said...

Hi, we have to be careful as Christians that we don't forget the large piece of lumber in our own eye before we start hen pecking at the spec in someone else's and gay sin is not worse than heterosexual or envy or gluttony (and we have watered that one down a lot!) and the rest, JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS not our successes as a friend and master and savior not a punisher! The bible tells us to pray for our leaders not to be making public statements against them especially on the internet that have no grace or love or support to them as a FAMILY and a BODY of Christ about them and criticisms based on our own understanding...SEEK HIS WILL IN ALL YOU DO AN HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH , God is clear about us judging one another and Florence Littaur of Campus Crusade fro Christ has been well quoted and she commented based on study that the bible has given all of us one person to shape up and thats 'ME' not Roberts nor anyone else, PRAY FOR HIM, LOVE HIM he needs male friendship and support and brotherhood and FORGI VENESS hes not a monster more than you or me... 'You who are without sin cast the first stone," LOVE and PRAYER...not soulish and criticizing prayer, but careful prayer based on compassion and understanding and in the spirit prayer that HELPS the person... ITS hard being a leader as Satan gets pretty rough on those guys and gals and we must support each other in these times cause the commenting against each others failures especially in public forums divides us as Christians so don't let the Devil win! Love and peace friends lets pray for our brother Roberts and love him not reject him and throw him out like junk as us Pentecostals are good at throwing people out of our church families when we get uncomfortable and thats despicable and detestable to do that to a loved one!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Anonymous - it is not meant in the least as judgment. The opening statement should make that clear, plus the comments by other readers.

Anonymous said...

I think it's important that we be led of the Spirit of God in all things. Jesus said that only the sick need a physician and that He came to call sinners. Likewise, He said, "We have not because we ask not." Maybe the Bible does not condemn homosexual orientation at all. Perhaps those Scriptures aren't speaking about GLBTQI people, but are addressing something wholly different, and due to our modern culture "as we're used to seeing things", the context, or profile, for what those Scriptures are addressing is somehow lost to us. Science and these people consistently say that they're born that way. Jesus mentions people being born eunuchs from their mothers' wombs. Let everyone who reads this ask for wisdom in the Holy Spirit to know what the Word is really saying to us now. I think the church at large needs a big RHEMA word on this A.S.A.P. Ignorance in history has plagued peoples lenses of Scriptural interpretation before. Evangelicals used scripture in the Civil War Era to say that blacks weren't even human so they could justify keeping slavery in place. The Church condemned female preachers in the 1880s onward saying that it was a man's job only to be in a pulpit. Scripture was twisted to rail against womens' liberation from the 1920s onward, as well it was twisted again to prevent biracial cuoples from marrying (1960s) in the fight against "miscegenation laws". Really well-meaning Christian people can come to some really wacky conclusions when they THINK they know what the Bible is saying, and don't know the full of it, because they don't realize they should ask the Lord Himself and that they should ask the Lord Himself what these things mean. We should never think that we are so right we can't be wrong and fail to ask the Lord about these things. When He reveals things to us about the Scriptures which His Spirit inspired, that means more than what any preacher thinks or says. I encourage everyone who reads this to seek truth from the Lord here with tears, prayer and fasting. If it's that important to so many people to talk about so much, then it's worth praying, travailing and fasting about, waiting on the Lord to reveal these Scriptures mean to us today, that so many think are talking about Gay people. We could be wrong on this one, too. It would be horrible to not truly know what we are talking about. Souls are at stake, and that IS the most important thing.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Wow! amazing how you can conclude whatever your flesh chooses to conclude, when you don't want to believe in truth. Quote from above comment: "maybe the bible doesn't condemn homosexual orientation at all" - wow, how did you conclude that? How did you come up with that? Amazing!!! Maybe there is no such thing as sin. Maybe Jesus dying on the cross was for no particular reason. Maybe...maybe...maybe...."imagine there's no heaven, no hell below us, la la la la"

Anonymous said...

Really Gabrielle! Some people can become so delusion end by their own 'versions' of 'the truth', and that's why it's so important to have the Spirit of truth in order to rightly descern the truth of God's HOLY Word. Those who do not have the HOLY Spirit ( and I emphasize the word 'Holy' for a reason..) do not have the Spirit of truth so they are none of His. Make no mistake. God is not mocked. I strongly suggest to all of you out there who have proudly labeled yourself a 'homosexual' to give yourself a new name such as 'born again Christian', 'redeemed of the Lord', a HOLY saint' for it is only these that shall be allowed to enter into His Kingdom.. Those with clean hands and a pure heart. The Bible clearly states that no sinner (idolaters, fornicator, adulterer, whoremonger, liar, thief, blasphemer, drunkard ect ...) shall enter into heaven. And, yes! This includes homosexuals although it doesn't specifically state homosexuals, homosexuality is CLEARLY a sin. That is why God had to judge and destroy the cities of Soddom and Gommorah. The Lord doesn't 'wink' at sin no matter what kind it is and that was why Jesus told the woman who was about to be stoned to death for being caught in the act of adultery to, "go and SIN NO MORE." That means don't even think about going back to that lifestyle again. DON'T DO IT! But sinful people don't like to be told what they can and can't do, and so they make themselves 'god' by somehow making a special allowance for their pet sin, and they give it a special name and they take great pride in it and they put it up on a pedestal, and they get touchy about it and defend it vehemently and get mad at people who are just preaching the Truth of God's Word.
In the special case of Roberts Liardon, and I say special because I, like the previous commenter, agree that Roberts is a very uncommon case where he was one that was chosen and greatly gifted and anointed of God. Roberts was one who knew God in the splendor of His majesty. Roberts was one who has tasted of the glory and power of God and STILL WILLFULLY SINNED. HAVING FULL KNOWLEDGE OF HIS SIN BEFORE THE LORD AND YET HE WENT AHEAD AND DID IT ANYWAY. And this is why I fear greatly for his eternal soul. To whom MUCH is given MUCH is required.

Anonymous said...

Hey what happened to my comment?

Anonymous said...

I hope I don't have to write it out all over again cuz it was pretty awsome praise God!

Anonymous said...

Gabrielle. I like how you just went into John Lennon's 'Imagine' song.. That's sooooo funny and so true! Many in our generation and the next gen. think that the lyrics of that song is like 'gospel'. They had better wake up and get a clue! And they can start by actually reading and studying the Bible for themselves!

Gabrielle Eden said...

to the last anonymous - thanks for your comments - I agree with you except I am not so passionate in getting angry at people like Liardon for falling into the sin of homosexuality - I have no idea what the situation is. I don't know the story. I know that this spirit is out there, ever present, and trying to attack and take hold of people's lives. I have been aware of the spirit of lesbianism trying to attack me and trying to find a way into my life. It is an ugly, satanic thing trying to take hold of people. If it does get a hold, I am not going to condemn someone because I don't know what led them in that direction. I do know that sin has consequences, and that such a sin has terrible consequences, regardless. It is so ugly. So, of course, I want that person to get free. Only God knows if someone has no desire to get free. I have been reading Outpost testimonies, and I know that people who want to get free can and do get free. It is happening. God is redeeming people from homosexuality today. Jesus is alive and well. Because Liardon is a public figure, it is hard to know the truth. I only heard hear-say that he had fallen, but then he had been restored. Praise God if he has been restored. I know he was a public speaker at an event in my city recently and I could have gone to that. I would not have hesitated just because of hearing about his past. One thing is a life redeemed is as pure as a life that has not had a sin problem.

Anonymous said...

I am not talking about people sinning and not knowing what they are doing is a sin and when confronted become convicted of that (those) sins and then repents and turns away from that (those) sins. I'm talking about those (like Liardon) WHO KNOW THE BIBLE VERY WELL AND KNOW VERY WELL THAT THEY ARE SINNING WHEN THEY COMMIT THE ACT(S). This is called WILLFUL SIN which is a totally different thing and God deals with 'willfull sinners' harsher than those who are living in sin and they don't realize it or that the Bible even says what they are doing is wrong. These are ignorant sinners. Many 'ignorant sinners' are committing sinful acts thinking that it's ok by believing in the pagan or satanic mantra of 'do whatever feels good' because these individuals are following their carnal desires and apitites. They are ruled by their carnal nature or what the Bible refers to as their flesh. But those who have truly received the Holy Spirit have become born again therefore receiving A NEW NATURE from God Himself.. HIS nature, like what Christ and His apostles were full of. They were full of the Holy Ghost/Spirit and power.. Power for what?! Power to overcome the temptations of the flesh and to HAVE POWER OVER SIN AND THE DEVIL AND ALL EVIL. Sexual lasciviousness is a sin and any relationship homosexual or heterosexual based on lasciviousness is sinful in the eyes of God (pornography oozes this). There is a difference between lust and love, but many are confusing the two. Lust and lasciviousness never become redefined as true, pure, unadulterated passion within a marriage relationship.. Married or not it is a sinful PERVERSION of what God intended to be a pure, holy undefiled act of Love between a husband (male) and wife (female). Sorry I don't have all of the scripture locations of what I posted handy.. But I assure you it's all in the Bible, and I am just flowing from my heart. Please don't misunderstand me, I, like God hate the sin, but LOVE the sinner! God wants ALL sinners to come to repentance and to be saved! To be BORN AGAIN as Jesus spoke about to Nicodemas.. And in order to be born again one must first recognize God and that He is a HOLY God and then to repent of our sins and receive Jesus, His Son as your personal Lord and Saviour and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit inside your heart by faith AND JUST LET HIM (the Holy Sirit) clean you up from the inside out if you will allow Him to. He will change your sinful carnal nature into His pure sinless nature.. He does it by the power of His Spirit working inside you.. The Bible says that the a Spirit of The Lord is an all consuming FIRE. He will burn up every thought or desire that is not of Him if you let Him. I invite you to do this today.. Right now.. The Word of God says that today is the day of salvation. Don't put it off another day.. Invite The Lord Jesus into your heart.. Don't worry about the changes you think you will have to make in your life.. Just accept Him by FAITH and let Him do all of the 'clean up' work. It will make you feel so good and peaceful and clean in His sight. There is just no other feeling quite like it.. To be enveloped in God's Love, Goodness and Mercy! PLEASE! PLEASE! Invite Him right now! Your Lord and Saviour has been waiting for this moment for a long time! You are accepted in the beloved! Welcome home! Now spend quality time with Him each and everyday. It's like when two people meet and fall in love and want to be with each other and talk everyday.. Well Jesus is madly 'in love' with you even though He already knows everything about you.. The Bible says that He even knows the number of the hairs on your head. He knows every heartbreak and disappointment and rejection you experienced from the very day you were born. :)

Gabrielle Eden said...

To the May 8, 2014 post - yes, yes, I totally agree! This has been the hardest thing lately for me to get a grasp of. There are those who willfully sin after knowing the truth, and the scariest thing is, they are people who hide and pretend to be believers. We must be so careful and aware in these end times, of false brethren. Yes, this must be what the bible talkb about - blaspheming against the spirit, I just shudder to think of those who would defy God in this way, who would hate Him. Thanks for posing that.

Anonymous said...

When i read articles written about miniters, it is very sad. Yes he fell into sin and he is out of it.The important thing is finishing the race in a proper way. People fall but don't remain fallen, rise up and walk again. I can't imagine actually how the feeling is when people repents from their sin and they find articles written about them in a negetive way by other Christian, indirectly the Christian who is writting this kind of messages are indirectly becoming the devil's advocate..why i say this that is what the accuser of our brethren does this. He accuses us again and again about our past to the Lord but thank God for the blood of the Lamb. It is because the blood of Jesus, Roberts Liardon has a second chance to serve God.

Gabrielle Eden said...

To the last Anonymous - no, this is not abusive towards Liardon. He is a public figure and has to expect that he is going to be talked about, besides, he is fortunate that his public persona gives him accountability with the public in the case of what happened to him. He is not isolated. But what I have written about him is not in the least malicious, or gossipy. I wrote with a serious concern for leaders in the church who fall into homosexual sin. This helps us to pray for such people, and is one of the reasons the internet is so helpful.

james johnson said...

How do you know Robert liardon has been restored?is an Antichrist except he repent is a lie there is a spirit in him that make him to lie.That spirit lead him to write a book about Williams Marion branham and after God exposed him as gay,be careful about the book u read

james johnson said...

How do you know Robert liardon has been restored?is an Antichrist except he repent is a lie there is a spirit in him that make him to lie.That spirit lead him to write a book about Williams Marion branham and after God exposed him as gay,be careful about the book u read

Gabrielle Eden said...

James Johnson - I do NOT know, at all. When it comes to public figures, for EX. Jimmy Swaggert, we really don't know them, do we? We cannot examine their lives personally, and the way their lives are portrayed to the public may be made to look a certain way to the public. This was all hearsay, and I had read a book by him, "God's Generals" so when I first heard he was gay, I was really taken aback and disturbed, then someone told me he had been restored. It was all through the grapevine - someone at work who is a believer was hearing about him. We really don't know at all. Thanks for sharing. I agree, that we need to be really careful of people who may be false. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks to those commenting for still giving attention to this blog. Regarding Liardon and that he may not be sincere - well sure, that may be true, because there are many false believers today. There are many Judases, those who profess faith and they are liars. This is a sad truth, and a testimony to the depravity of man, man who actually has rejected Christ. Satan is an angel of light, and teaches his followers to do likewise - to be imitators of good. This is a call to walk carefully and inspect fruit carefully. As we get better at seeing the lie, we will also get better at seeing those who are in the light.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Just an FYI regarding Roberts Liardon and wondering if he is a false believer. He very well may be false, but here is the humor - he wrote the book "God's Generals" and when I read it I really enjoyed it and got a lot of valuable information from it regarding evangelists from the past. God is not mocked - God is still glorified even in that this book was written. Why someone who does not actually love God would write it is beyond our scope, but God is still glorified. The book still tells a lot about people from the past who did love and serve the Lord. In the end, the Lord will not be mocked. The bible says that even the wrath of man shall praise Him.

Tiina Wilder said...

Just wondering who of you here actually knows the man. I do, and this talk here is gossip and evil in the sight of God. Be blessed!

Tiina Wilder said...

...Came upon your web site only for I was searching from Internet for fact checking, whether he lived in Minnesota, where he is currently preaching, and which I as if remember. Sorry to say, but this post contains a lot of poo. And does any of you think that God would view gossip, slandering, backbiting and idle talk any different and measure the ones practicing it with different kind of measures. Dream about that. The same blood of Jesus what you need for your righteousness before God, is able to cleanse anything. But now if God has forgiven, and you keep on harping and digging up old matters, what you do think, how does God see that when you try to step into His shoes, assuming His role of a Judge. He is a righteous Judge, for He knows all matters. We humans, usually lack here. Again, who of you actually knows the man, apart from Anonymous, who does not even dare to share his or her name, while discussing another person, and whose experience is not too recent...What about the fear of God? What about the sacrifice of Jesus? Was it incomplete? Does it wash only your sin, and not the one of the others...? Think.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Tina - the way this was written, no it is no slanderous gossip. Hearing about a public figure that they are in a gay lifestyle is not gossip. And I made a report that I had heard he was restored and reported that too. Amazing how people can be so negative and hate-filled.

Anonymous said...

is he married to a woman? has he ever been? GENERALLY speaking: (not about Liardon) homosexualism begins in the early childhood , maybe sometimes only after adulthood,but how quickily is one able to CHANGE that to become a heterosexual?I may be stupid, but what some are saying, it is difficult to change it on your own , some even commit suicide because they can't. I just saw Prayers for Bobby movie about that situation. So, you really think one is "restored" from homosexual relationship in a month? Going from hetero to practise gay sex without beign always gay or a longtime seems unbelievable to me ( I could be wrong, because I'm not expert to this matter), and changing that back to hetero over a month just ridiculous.
He is or was a Bible College teacher/dean/principal in London, and in his own school in USA, so I suppose people can at least ASK about this matter, no? Students pay quite significant sums of money to these teachers, so I ask, who do I pay ,and WHAT do they teach about gays, and gay churches/gay marriages?

Gabrielle Eden said...

No, to last commenter, no, I think that restoration takes years and prayer and work and healing and a process of restoration. Francis McNutt, now gone home to heaven, talked about helping people get restored from homosexuality and said that it took a lot of healing, it was a healing process - because there are psychological and emotional things involved, and one needs compassionate care to become restored. He had much wisdom on that score.