Monday, March 9, 2009

The Top Five List of Things I Love About My Church

I stole this from Helen at random musings...
1) I can wear jeans
2) The music is contemporary and fresh and that helps me to enjoy it and to worship God more
3) The worship invites God's presence - number 1 thing I look for in a church!
4) The pastor is not a heavy authority figure. He is light and funny.
5) I connect with some of my favorite people there

What is your top five?


Helen said...

You didn't steal it. It was there for the taking ;-) I was feeling kind of like we criticze our churches, sometimes with good reason, but it important to remember what we love about our Church. I had kind of asked myself if someone listened to what I said (or read what I wrote) about my Church, would they want to belong. Then I asked if it was a problem with my Church or me, and it was clearly me. I have been dwelling on the negative. Recognizing the negative and trying to improve it is good. Obsessing about it, not so much.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yes, it is good to be restless about where we are at spiritually - not to get too comfortable, but then to be negative all the time is another thing, I agree. This was good because it forced me to focus on why I chose to go to this particular church!