Friday, March 13, 2009

When God Let Me Go On An Adventure

I got the idea for this post from Jon Acuff's blog.

I finally let loose and went on an adventure after asking God if it was OK. I hemmed and hawed and tried to argue against it, but really argued for it, until I finally just went for it. I finally realized that God put the desires I had within me, and that my desires were good.

I realize now that the truth that was inspiring me is actually found in the bible. I have to admit that I went wild with it and that it got out of hand. I lost balanced wisdom and my adventure ended up in tragedy. But between the pain that preceded embarking on my adventure, and the not so happy end was a lot of fun! Here is the story….

I took off for Montana when things got intense in Minneapolis, a rather large city. I was aware that the city was heavy with demonic forces within, and as I got closer to God and dealt with the roots of the mental illness that plagued me, the city grew more and more oppressive.

As soon as I had a problem with mental illness, the police in Minneapolis would promptly hand me over to a hospital, where the atmosphere was unbearably intense, with other sick people to contend with. The "care" was sometimes not so careful.

When I didn't want to take extra sleep medication one night, but chose to sing and pray, the night nurse called the guards, who came and pinned me down, and stabbed me in the butt with a needle.

The next time I had trouble with my mind, it seemed like a good idea to avoid doctors and hospitals, so I took off in a car into the country west of Minnesota. I went all the way to Montana and there encountered the people of small towns – some small towns, not the freaky ones. I found that they dealt with me in a crisis mode much more patiently. Some police sat down and talked with me, and listened. They didn’t take me to a hospital.

They recommended I talk to some health care workers, who sat and talked with me rationally, and then sent me on my way.

The treatment I received in small towns was so compassionate. Also, the atmosphere in the small towns was so much better. There I felt released from the oppression of the city, and I started to feel better mentally and emotionally. I didn’t need to go to a hospital. I overcame fear and got over my bout with mania.

This taught me that there are spiritual forces over a city, especially certain cities, because of the type of people living in them. These forces can be heavy and demonic. This exists because the people in those cities collectively choose death. Some cities are more life oriented because the people have collectively moved more toward the light.

A certain Samaritan town that Jesus visited was collectively given over to unbelief. His disciples’ idea was that he should rain fire and brimstone on the city like Sodom and Gomorrah, after they tried to perform miracles there, and Jesus rebuked them and said He had come to bring life and not death. It shows how a whole town or city can be taken over by either good or evil. (See Luke 9: 51-56)

Notice also that Jesus pronounced judgment on whole cities – Chorazin and Bethsaida, because of their unbelief, in Luke 10: 13-15.

I became aware of this phenomenon (not the passages at that time) as I took off and went traveling, out of desperation, away from my city. I noticed how some towns had a certain peace about them, and there was light there, and others had a feeling of oppression.

After this initial experience, I was dying to go traveling and find the places in America where people were living in the light. I was more interested in the small towns, not the cities, after that good experience in Montana.

There are many things I observed in my travels: how just driving through a town late at night, there would be a light fragrance blanketing a city that was living in the light; how as I left my city, the spiritual forces lifted off me as I drove away, like mosquitoes lifting off a body.

Positive Cities:

Chicago (surprisingly enough!)
Kansas City


Lincoln, Nebraska

To be continued….

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Sherri - I lost your comment when I deleted this post. I wanted to write it was just all wrong. Sorry about that. Is your town near Chicago?