Sunday, April 5, 2009


Now don't get me wrong. I like Beth Moore. But sometimes I am at odds with things she says, because they don't exactly set me free.

She's talking about fear.

She says that Esther was in the place of great fear for her life, because she was going to have to go to the King, who hadn't summoned her in a while, and if he wasn't pleased with her he'd order her death.

But she was willing to go to him for the sake of her people, the Jews, to ask him to free her people. She said, "if I perish, I perish."

Beth said that what we should do is say if____________then_______, about any other fear we may have.

She said if we say, "God will deliver me from this, instead of just saying "if this happens, then it happens and this is how I will deal with it," we are being conditional with God.

We are saying, "only if God delivers me will everything be OK."

That sounded good, until I started to try to deal with some of my worst fears, which are irrational.

Satan has attacked me with irrational fears. I think that I have carried some kind of guilt with me that seems to warrant this.

So I had a revelation today.

It says in the Psalms, "I sought the Lord and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears."

And it says in the New Testament, "Fear has to do with punishment, and He who fears is not perfected in love."

I don't think that we can be released from fear by thinking about what we fear and saying, "well, if this happens, then this is how I am going to deal with it."

if we think about some horrible thing happening to us, are we going to get comfortable with that? No, we are going to get more afraid the more we think about it. And there are theories that doing that causes bad things to happen. Double whammy. Now I'm afraid of something bad happening, and I'm making something bad happen because I'm afraid something bad is going to happen!

I think that we have to be able to stop thinking about it by saying that we are free from fearing it. And we are free because we are free from the fear of punishment.

And we are free because we have sought the Lord and He has delivered us from all our fears.

I also had the revelation that I have not been truly released by grace from the bonds of guilt and shame. I still need to be fully released from the past and all its shame by the love and grace of the Father, knowing that Christ's work on the cross was enough for all my sin.


sherri said...

I have struggled with fear also, but do feel that it no longer has a hold on me.

Peace is from God. Never fear.

Concern? Yes, but that is totally different than fear.

I think Beth Moore has alot of wisdom, but she is just a servant. Not the master. So WHen I read her books, or those from other authors, I I keep in mind that while helpful, they are never the final say on any subject. Just another perspective.

Then you can still enjoy their writings and disregard that which doesn't set well with you.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Sherri - that's very wise.

My bible study leader seems stuck on doing only Beth Moore studies and it's getting out of balance. It's like she's our guru.

I respect my bible study leader but I think this is one thing that's out of balance.