Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Herb Mjorud - Great Man of Faith

He died in his late 80’s. I knew him personally, for which I am grateful. He just lived in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a virtual unknown. He was a lawyer until he found Christ in his 40’s, then he became a pastor. Eventually God led him into a healing ministry.

Toward the end of his life, a friend of mine went to him for prayer for healing and got radically healed.

He had been working out of his home, inviting people from his church or by word of mouth for prayer for healing. He also had a ministry in Sri Lanka.

He told of amazing miracles that had happened in the third world. A woman without an eyeball in her eye socket had the eye grow right back into the socket in front of him as he prayed for her

A man who had a tiny arm that hadn’t developed properly had his arm grow out into a normal arm, right in front of Herb as he prayed for him.

One case was of a man who had a ‘male member’ that hadn’t developed properly. God restored it to wholeness, and he reported that he was able to father a child, or something.

Back in the States, Herb was used by God to heal people with mental illness and to restore people bound by things like homosexuality.

My friend had a freak accident while jogging in which her foot ended up shriveling up. The bones were starting to fuse together, and her foot was folding under.

She also got cancer on her head – small cancerous sores. She went to Herb for healing prayer.

She went back home and her family had been preparing to take her to a hospice where she would be dying.

One night she went to bed, leaving the cane she always used near her bed. She woke up because she heard her dog barking and went running to her dog. She suddenly realized that she had just run to her dog and didn’t need to grab her cane. Her foot had been totally restored.

The cancers on her head were gone.

This was in Minnesota – the land of little faith!

Herb had been struck by cancer several times himself, but was healed every time, and kept ministering until a ripe old age. He believed in praying and reading the Word of God at the same time, for healing.

He wrote out his pray-reading. See Herb Mjorud’s Pray-Reading The Word.


Judith Fosness said...

I knew of Herb Mjorud in my late twenties. I took a friend to him for healing and she was healed. I think he was an amazing man of faith and I have been trying to retrieve some of his books with little luck. Any suggestions? He was a wonderful man!

Judith Fosness

Gabrielle Eden said...

I am in touch with his second wife - she is now in her late 90's. She is very frail and her mind is pretty good but she is not a good connection as far as his books. She wouldn't be able to direct you to where his books are. There are some of his books being sold on tables in Minnesota right now - at charismatic conferences. I've seen the book on fighting cancer with Christ, and his testimony Dare to Believe. One possible connection would be Lutheran Renewal, which has it's headquarters in the Twin Cities. I think they would have at least some idea of where to go to find his books. Look up Luth. Renewal online for their number.

Yes, I agree, he was a wonderful man. I knew him and Thelma quite well, I even house-sat for them once when they were away.

Losing him was a great loss. Hard to replace! He should be an inspiration to strive for the same level of intimacy with the

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