Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My stint as a Stand-Up

I have a picture to post. I have to go find it and scan it for you.

I worked at Comedy Gallery in Minneapolis as an usher in the early nineties, and while there, took a shot at stand-up on open stage.

I did a total of twelve gigs until I realized that I was starting to get drunk in order to go on stage. That ended it. I was getting more nervous instead of less.

One of the most popular jokes I did was a parody of a song.

I sang like Barbara Streisand and did her song "People."

Here are the words....

People, people who need people
are the stupidest the world (laughs)

who needs them? who needs the aggravation?

when you let go your human pride...and show all the need inside
well then people, they make you feel stupid (laughs)

Lovers, are very special people
the most ridiculous people, in the world...(laughs)

with one person, one very special person
a feeling deep in your soul, says you're a big asshole (laughs)

someone hurt you first, so you wouldn't hurt them worse
that's people

people will be people
that's why I can't stand people....any......more! (laughter and applause)

I guess it goes to show people have a fair amount of cynicism, but let's face it - needing people has backfired on all of us!

I did this song back in the days of wandering without Christ. Today, I need people, not like I needed people before Jesus filled my life and took the place of needing people too much, often the cause of being hurt.

Today I need people because having Jesus makes it possible for me to be vulnerable, since I have Him always to bounce back on if someone fails me.

I wish I'd had that wisdom back when I did this song.


sherri said...

Yeah, it's backfired on me a few times too. But I still need people. I am drawn to people.

It's worth sorting through a few bad apples to find the one perfect one! I do this over and over with friends. I'll go out on a limb, not all will end up being my very closest one, but finding new ones is worth it. And some times those bad apples come around too.

Helen said...

I see your point. Needing people hardly seems lucky. Sometimes it stinks (read no t and a u instead of an i). Sin causes people to hurt people. That doesn't change the inner need for human contact, it just causes us to starve ourselves of that contact.
I don't see cynicism, I see pain. We all learn to curl up and protect our hearts. Then we need to unlearn it to let Jesus in. The real goal is to let Him be enough for us.
And no. I am not there yet. And I have to admit, I have it pretty good.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I agree, Sherri - it's worth sorting through the bad apples to find the good ones. I can see you do a good job of that.

Helen - you're right. It's really just meant to be funny - the whole thing of needing people and how hard that can be. But we know that we need people anyway.

The audience knew it was all in good fun!

But you're right too Helen, that we need Jesus first.