Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yoo Hoo! There's a Boo Boo!

My computer, brand new(!) since January has a flaw!

It's getting repaired. Once again, a test to see what life is like without my laptop in my lap every day.

Oh Lord, what trials!!!!!!!!

I'll see you all soon!


HIS Daughter said...


If you love listening to the sermons by Matt Chandler (pastor at the Village Church in Highlands, TX) here is the website to get the sermons:

You can also get the newer ones if you have an ipod on itunes...the podcast is The Village church. They even have their worship songs.

I haven't heard anyone lately that has such a grasp of what GRACE is and what is "religion" and that they aren't the same.

He is amazing...full of the Holy Spirit's power.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Teri - THANKS!

He's absolutely awesome! I agree with how you view him!

Livingsword said...

I had major laptop problems (continual crashes) but am very happy with my new one…I feel your pain…


Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks, Livingsword!!!!!!!!