Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad Turned to Good!

I was going to a public laundry to wash a large rug for my mom in a commercial washer. I realized I had forgotten the clothes detergent and I was irritated and in a hurry. I quickly turned into a parking lot I came to and all I wanted to do was turn around. Sometimes I'm careless in looking behind me when backing up. I didn't see someone who was backing out. I backed into her.

First good fortune:

she was driving one of those old trucks with the hard bumper that doesn't get damaged in a bump. She said there was no harm done and I could drive away - no insurance information needed.

Now all I needed was to repair my car.

I immediately went to the body shop and got an estimate and it was $587.00.

Second good fortune:

I went to work later in the day and a young, Christian guy told me he could probably fix my car. He stuck his hand behind the bumper and pushed it out - making it almost like new. He sprayed some WD40 on the part that had paint left from the bumper of the truck I hit, and I wiped it off. Now all that remained were some scratch marks you could hardly see. It was almost like new!!!

I didn't need to go to the body shop.

God redeemed that situation.

I was feeling awful about it, wondering why I had done another stupid thing to hurt my car and what was wrong with me. God resolved it!


Guitarman said...

You did what many would not do. You asked for and accepted help.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hmm Interesting thought.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Good story!

And thanks for your honesty. I suspect there have been a bunch of people who I've worn out with my wordiness. So I'm trying to cut down a little bit. I temporarily forgot my own lessons on economy of words. Thanks for reading, even just a little bit!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Matt - what's so funny is that men are supposed to be less wordy than women, yet there are men like you and Jon Acuff - Yeow! WORDS! WORDS EVERY DAY! MANY TIMES A DAY!

It's interesting.