Friday, May 29, 2009

God is speaking to me...

and you're probably saying, "yeh, right!"

No, I think so, anyway.

He is telling me to be still and hear His voice. He is telling me to draw away from so much concern with the internet and spending more time in The Word and then maybe doing other things - things that He wants me to do with my time.

We'll see how this pans out.

P.S. God is telling me that I use the internet as a kind of opiate. I'm maybe a little too dependent on it. Can you relate?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can relate.
What incredible time wasters tv and the internet can be.
Just happened to catch a program hosted by Colleen Carroll Campbell on ewtn. She interviewed Eric Brender, who wrote the book Better Off.
He now lives with his wife and family without a tv and without a computer. They homeschool, live in St Louis, they make soap to sell at local Soulard market, among other things.
God Speed!

Gabrielle Eden said...

It's not a waste when you are making meaningful contact, but it sure can be when you find yourself just hypnotized by it (the internet.) TV, on the other hand, is almost a complete waste of time. My dad is in front of the TV from 9:00 AM til 10:30 PM at night - ugh! Just think of all the commercials!

Thanks so much for that link.

I forgot to mention that I figured out that my eyes, being light sensitive are becoming too sensitive for the light of the computer, and I have to limit my time because of my eyes too.

Anonymous said...

I dont know how, but apparently you can turn down the brightness of your computer.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Anon number 2, I don't know what you are referring to, but maybe you are talking about what would help my eyes.

I can't turn down the light of my computer because I need the light to see. I usually am in coffee shops where the light is bright. My eyes are not like really young folks who can see small print in low light.

Thanks thought for the suggestion.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thank you Anon,

I've darkened my computer screen just a little, and it is making a huge difference!