Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting

I posted this over at my Wordpress blog, but I'm posting it again just because I wanted to tell about a recent visit to the Science Museum in St. Paul.

Their Omni Theater, you know the 3D theater, was doing a special on the Grand Canyon featuring scenes of whitewater rafting. I thought this would be so much fun, and the scenes would be beautiful. Well, it was all this...and more. More that I didn't need.

My first clue should have been the narration by Robert Redford. He kept harping on the state of the Colorado river - all the things that don't grow there anymore, all the things that you can't find in the river anymore, how we're doomed!!!!

Then, of course, he talked about how great the Indians were.

At the end of the film, after they tainted the beauty of watching the scenes of the Grand Canyon, they gave you a "talk" on how you can change your habits and change your showerhead and things like that, to save water.

Oh brother.

Liberals! They can't stop harping on their religion, which is the environment!

You can't just go see a film about the beauty of the Grand Canyon and have fun riding along with a whitewater rafting crew without a lecture on the environment throughout the whole thing!

Oh Lord!

Don't they know that God created the earth in six days, and He can heal the earth overnight if we just put our faith in Him?


Anonymous said...

you're nuts!!

Anonymous said...

you're nuts!! not in a good way. it takes more than a little faith in God to heal the environment. Have you ever heard of stewards of the earth? come on wake up!!

Gabrielle Eden said...

I wasn't discounting the idea of being a steward of the earth, I was discounting the idea that we should lay down and die and give up our right to life because we're doomed because of the rivers drying up and the sea giving up its life, etc., because man is so hopeless and hopelessly pollutes the earth.

My point is that God and the earth are bigger than man and that there are solutions that are bigger than us too, and that we don't need to panic. The whole presentation makes you want to just give up and die! That's not the biblical point of view.

No, I don't think I'm nuts. But people did think Jesus was nuts for saying he was God, so I'll take it as a compliment for being called nuts defending a biblical point of view.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous here,
I get your point Gabrielle, totally, and thanks for your tremendous faith in God.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks for commenting!

Canyon Lover said...

Nice video! Thank you for keeping your positive views about the beauty of the canyon (no drama here). Did they really say "we're doomed"? For crying out loud, I have not even seen the sun go down and the moon comes up at the same time yet!!! I saw a similar documentary movie on pbs channel about the Colorado River's dilemma and at the end, they showed some informative things that a simple person like me can do to protect our precious water. It made me think that a simple task can make a difference in our daily lives. It makes me feel good to be apart of this great group of people who does care about concerving, protecting and being resourceful. However, I am a movie junkie so I understand that when you are watching a show, you just want to be entertained or amused (that's why I don't watch scary movies!). Well, thank you for your blog and may God bless you always.

Gabrielle Eden said...

thanks Canyon Lover - you get what I'm saying. I don't mind being reminded of the need for stewardship either, a little reminder of the need for conservation, and tips on what to do. It's just that the whole presentation was so heavy on the doom and gloom.

Just being reminded of the beauty of the Canyon is enough to inspire you to want to do something for the earth. They should know that.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Canyon Lover - I checked out your site - that looks good. I'll keep that in mind when in the area again.