Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leeland - Falling For You

From the album "Opposite Way"
This sums up my feelings about returning to the Lord.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Gabrielle, thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt in your comment! Of course, I don't truly pray that people sink deeper into sin so that they may one day come to salvation. Maybe I overstepped what I actually believe on that one.

My 'big picture' is that we ought to concentrate on the things of the kingdom, rather than the things of this earth, no matter how much we may love the things of this earth (which I do love, very much.)

The great thing about blogging is you can blurt out rather inane thoughts and get some discussion going with little to no repurcussions whereas I would have to rehearse, edit and censor everything that I say in a sermon.

Thanks again for some thoughtful comments.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I so enjoy your blog. You really have passion!

I guess sometimes it seems we start eating our own fingers - criticizing the body of Christ.

We waste our energy.

About the sin - I commented on your blog. I can see the point there.

Where sin abounds, grace abounds. When people are so "nice" they don't see their need of Jesus. It's better if people go full force into sin.

It's just that I think that's what's been happening.

Our society is crumbling with sin.