Friday, May 8, 2009

My Wonderful Mom!

For the upcoming holiday - MOTHER'S DAY!

I got this idea from Sherri - to bring in a post from the past about my mom.

From my old blog, from December 27, 2006:

She's the cutest thing that ever was!

I was headed for New Mexico in the spring with the idea that I would never burden my parents again (my parents had been taking up the slack when my finances weren't quite making it when I owned a house.) I would strike out on my own and survive by faith. Then a series of unfortunate circumstances planted me right back in Minneapolis. Now I even live with my folks.

This has given me the opportunity to realize more than ever what a wonderful mother I have.

She loves her archiving. She takes many photos of our family and spends hours placing them in albums along with lots of Creative Memories' decorations.

She lives around the clock. She has everything scheduled out, in her retirement, and does everything at certain times consistently. She washes her bathroom and kitchen floor every Friday before going to her hairdresser. She makes supper every evening at about 5:00PM for my dad and sometimes for me. She washes clothes every Monday morning.

She loves to cook and bake, and makes plenty so she can give some to her children and grandchildren. She makes Lefsa at Christmas, a very slow process taking hours, and then puts some aside for all her family members, and sometimes for friends. She makes cookies that take plenty of time as well, and gives them away to family and friends.

For a local charity she made a bunch of egg salad sandwiches, and for church events she often cooks or bakes.

She has a handicapped friend who she invites over for special events. She takes this woman shopping, out to eat, and in general, becomes like a second mother to her. This woman has been neglected by family.
(Now this woman is deceased)

She likes to read true stories, and stories of faith.

She is on a prayer chain at church and is part of a woman's prayer league.

She keeps in touch with missionaries and keeps them in prayer.

She reads the paper and keeps up on current events avidly.

She loves baseball, football and basketball and has been teaching me how to enjoy them as well.

She loves to garden and keeps a yard that flourishes with flowers and at one time, vegetables.

She loves the outdoors.

She keeps in touch with people by mail and by phone, especially her beloved brothers and sisters.

She is always thinking of others. I have a cousin whose parents are both deceased, and who lives alone, and she is always trying to get him over to join in dinners and family events.

She is the classic 50's mom because she actually was a 50's mom. She was a stay-at-home mom who cherished her kids and home above vanities. She has been devoted to my father in spite of the cost. She is too gentle to reject him or to assert herself too much. In that sense she has been trampled on too, but she has undying love and commitment in her blood.

She has been absolutely loyal to me too, at all costs. She has befriended me in life through lots of tribulation, and absolutely never stops having faith for me or for any of her other kids.

One by one her children have been returning to faith in Christ. She prayed and believed for many years for that.

I have
one great mom!

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