Thursday, May 21, 2009

Natalya Cardneyevna

Natalya was my High School Russian teacher. She was Russian, but I realized in retrospect that she was actually a Jew. That was the only explanation for why her family was always "on the run."

She told me about life in oppressive Communist Russia - about the KGB, about the lack of freedom. She described a visit back there to visit relatives and how she was being watched and someone was taking pictures of her.

She said that her family went from Russia to Germany and then fled Germany during WWII.

She was full of life and passion. She fueled a love for the Russian language. She started a Russian club, and a dance troupe. I joined the club and the dance troupe and created a costume - a long skirt that created a large flounce for twirling around.

We were in a State championship in my Junior year and we won first place. We had guys from the gymnastics team doing the break-dance type moves that are common to the traditional Russian dance for men.

Natalya would have us over to her apartment for snacks and conversation in Russian.

She left by my Senior year and it took away my interest in Russian. There was this man who replaced her - just a stolid, methodical guy teaching language in a traditional way. It made Russian so boring. Needless to say, I ended up only taking a year of Russian.

Natalya once made the observation that I was talented at everything, and would probably be a master of nothing. She was so right! That is what has happened!

I adored her! She left a lasting impression.

She was right about my lack of inspiration for developing my talents. But I didn't know that I would learn that my greatest desire would be to see God's power manifest in my life, and that my talents almost get in the way. My not being a master of anything has opened the way for The Master to form something else for His glory.

The inspiration for this post came from a post by Sherri.


Livingsword said...

Hi Gabrielle!

What an interesting story...

I also like your line about being talented at everything and master of know Michael Angelo was told the same thing...

tikno said...

Each country has their own culture and the style of freedom.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Livingsword! You mean I could still be a Michaelangelo?!!

Thanks tikno - I'll check out your site.

Livingsword said...


Gabrielle Eden said...

I do paint.......

Livingsword said...

Oh! What kind of painting do you do? Who are your favorite artists…I’m not sure if I should ask these questions as I am posting on an art exhibit on Thursday…

Gabrielle Eden said...

Actually, Michelangelo is one of my favorites. Many of the impressionists are favorites. I like Van Gogh. I like bright colors. I like realism, but I like the suggested realism of the impressionists.

My own painting has reflected this.

I haven't painted in a while.

My portraits are on Go Free Now. Portraits are one of my favorite things to do.

Painting, though....I've done watercolors and still lifes using acrylics instead of oils, so it's easier to mix with water and to clean up.