Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is this world coming to?!!

If a man can't "piss" in the style in which he is accustomed?

Pastor Steven L Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church addresses this very problem on a Sunday morning. Forget repentance from sin, deliverance from poverty and disease, Pastor Steven has more important things on his mind!

I found this over at Matt's Church of no People. Thank you Matt!! I laughed so hard, I well, almost "pissed!"

Matt was talking about bad sermons - sermons so bad you'll walk out, and he uses this one as an example.

I do remember walking out on a sermon - it was in an all-black church where they were into some kind of control, and the sermon reflected some kind of mind manipulation.


Bill said...

Wow. This guy is a friggin' nut job.

I guess he's so busy peeing on the wall that he never did any research and discovered that modern translations of the Bible are based upon many more textual sources than his beloved King James

Gabrielle Eden said...

So true!