Friday, June 26, 2009


He may have been an icon, but to me he was a black man who helped me to embrace black people and black culture during an era when black people were gaining liberation.

His music was full of energy and life, and his body was amazing in how quickly it moved and how creatively he could use it.

His death hits hard.

He is not far from my age.

Look at the picture - his face before he ruined it with plastic surgery. There is the family resemblance. You can see Janet there. He is handsome. He must have known it and freaked out when he began to get older and realized his fresh youth was waning. He must have had a major mid-life crisis.

There are people who have no concept of how they look. He must not have realized he was actually making himself look like a freak instead of making himself look better.

I heard that he had some kind of skin disease, but I don't know what to believe. Maybe he did, and that's sad.

Here is a history of his face. Notice how handsome (masculine) he was at 21.

He is a sad story, and a sober reminder of the truth that we are fragile and break and die, and that nothing remains except what we have when we stand before our amazing creator.

I hope that Michael's soul is not lost.

Isn't it amazing? You can't take it with you. You can't take with you that you had the best selling album of all time.

I just pray for his children, to have a life, to have a normal life and to find a relationship with God - the things Michael didn't seem to have or be able to give them.

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