Friday, June 5, 2009

Mac Hammond's Healing From Cancer

I wrote about Mac Hammond earlier, of Brooklyn Center, in Minneapolis, MN, when there was a scandal involving his church. I was saying that I doubted his ministry because of the over-emphasis on money. Nevertheless, during my time at his church (1 1/2 years) I was impressed by some of the teaching that was challenging in regards to faith, and by the amazing miracles of healing that were taking place. I heard of re-creative miracles, such as a rib growing back into a man who had lost one, and a woman whose uterus had grown back after she had a hysterectomy.

Now, a friend who I met at his church has sent me his testimony of a recent healing he had of his prostrate.

Now, on the good side of things..........about a month ago Pastor Mac gave an amazing testimony at the weekend services to the entire congregation. I will attempt to relate it here to you.
Well, about 18 months ago, Pastor Mac was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. I think he is about 65 now, and of course he doesn't look anywhere near 65 years of age. He's always been in such great shape.
So he went to consult with Dr. Don Colbert at that time (he is a widely-known doctor & is Benny Hinn's personal physician, so you know this guy is good). This doctor prescribed various nutrients, supplements, and advise Mac to cut down on red meats & sugar. So after about 6 months or so, the results looked good as his PSA levels went back down to normal range.
But sometime apprx. a few months back, indications were that this thing (prostate cancer) was rearing its' ugly head again. The doctor said that he recommended going above & beyond the nutritional treatment method by pursuing an alternative procedure--apparently this treatment is not FDA approved yet in the U.S., so Mac went to Mexico to a specialized clinic to seek this treatment. Dr. Colbert, I believe, knew another doctor in Mexico and referred Pastor Mac to him to get tests performed as well as treatment.
So Dr. Colbert was recommending more aggressive treatment, as the nutritional approach had apparently not kept the cancer in check. In fact, indications were that the cancer had come back & was much more serious this time.
If I remember correctly, at some point in the 18 month long period, some other doctor recommended to Pastor Mac that he have surgery to remove his prostate. Pastor Mac quipped to the congregation "Well, I know that God gave me this prostate.....and I'd kinda' like to keep it!!". Now, of course, Mac did not follow that doctor's recommendation--he never had that surgery.
So Pastor Mac went to Mexico apprx. 6 or 7 weeks ago to seek further testing & possibly this alternative treatment. It is some sort of high-Tech new therapy & innovative (some sort of equipment or machine that utilizes sonic waves or something--it is non-invasive, no surgery required).
Now, let me interject here that many, many people of the congregation were aware of Pastor Mac's condition & that he was traveling to Mexico to seek treatment. Of course, there were many people praying for him; apparently some prayer groups had temporarily halted their normal focus of prayer, and had instead dedicated their prayer time to specifically praying for Mac's healing.
So Mac gets to Mexico and goes through a very, very extensive battery of tests on his first day at this alternative clinic. This included MRI's and Cat scans of the area in question; and of course blood work, etc. etc.
Now the doctor comes into the room to talk to Pastor Mac, after all the tests had been done & analyzed. Mac related that the doctor had a puzzled look on his face, and explained that he couldn't understand it but that all of the tests showed there was NO CANCER, at all. NONE.
So he had gone to Mexico with cancer, as he had been recently diagnosed by some other doctor(s) in the U.S.; but now just a few days later he was free of cancer. He had received a truly miraculous divine healing!!!
I believe that, 'cause you know that cancer doesn't just go away on it's own. It almost always just grows & gets worse if left untreated.
Pastor Mac felt very humbled & grateful to God for His goodness to him. Mac attributed the healing taking place due to the prayers of the congregation; he took no credit for it--he made it clear to us that it was not his faith that brought about the healing. It was, rather, due to the prayers of the congregation, as well as God's divine intervention.
He talked about how he has come back a changed man. He gave the congregation a glimpse of that at the services.......what he started doing was to walk around the sanctuary for about 5 minutes & layed hands on people's heads to bless them & impart something to them. He talked about how in the past, during his messages, he often would feel the urge to stop his sermon to go lay hands on someone in particular and pray for them. He said he could feel "drawn" to particular individuals; to stop what he was preaching on for a minute to go lay hands on & pray for them.
But.....he would always ignore that urge & continue on with his message or preaching. (I think Mac explained why he never followed those promptings in the past.....I may not remember exactly how he explained it but I'll try). I think it had to do with his personality, of wanting things to be formal & structured, etc. Remember that Mac was in the military as well as 1st attending VMI (Virginia Military Institute).
So he has that in him, that sense of doing things in a structured, regimented method. So it seemed that he was saying that if he were to follow those promptings to interrupt his flow of a message, then that would interrupt the flow & service might go long, etc. Well that sort of thing kind of goes against his grain.
Anyway, so now he seems like a changed man; and he promised that from now on, during the services, he would obey those promptings to pause to lay hands on people in the congregation. The response from the congregation as he was explaining it and actually practicing it seemed positive to me, it seemed as if they welcomed it.
So I think Pastor Mac will be a bit more down-to-earth, and will make himself more accessible to the congregation during service times. It seems as though he will be much more apt to be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit telling him to minister to particular individuals. I think this is an excellent change in him & I welcome it. It will be interesting to see how this change manifests in him & how it all plays itself out. God is not through with Mac yet. We all can & need to make progress in our spiritual lives.
So I think Pastor Mac's healing is quite the testimony, and a wonderful Praise Report that I want to pass on to you. We can share this testimony with other people & bring more Glory to God about his goodness.


Anonymous said...

i believe none of it

Gabrielle Eden said...

Jesus said,

"Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me; otherwise believe because of the works themselves."

John 14:11

Guitarman said...

I've been there 2-3 times 10 years ago. I know that no church is perfect and mine certainly isn't (see recent post). This church seemed a little too much run like a business to me. I heard things preached there though that I still recall to this day. Thank God for that.

Gabrielle Eden said...

It seems like everyone has been there at one time. Kingdavid and Nighwriter have gone or still go to things there.

Anonymous said...

I beleive!! I have to say I think you might have misunderstood him when you said that Pastor Mac said that it was the prayers of the saints alone that manifested his healing and not his faith. You can not receiving anything from God without faith. Matt. 9:29 according to your faith be it unto you.. Pastor Mac understands the role and importance of faith.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Pastor Mac probably has more faith than he gives himself credit for!

Debbie said...

I do believe in healing even when you don't have Faith. I was also healed of Lupus, and I didn't believe. Praise God for Mac's Healing. God's Ways are not our Ways!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Debbie - praise God for YOUR healing. That is wonderful. Wow! Lupus. Wow! I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing that and coming here!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been attended living word for many years. We do call this our home church, we have seen many peoples lives touched by this ministry.It is so exciting to see how Pastor mac is moving in a new direction concerning the ministry, we love it,we need it and we adore our pastor.Thank God for his boldness.

Anonymous said...

My friend, a social worker, regularly gave food shelf donations to members of Mac hammond's Church. They were expected to tithe so much that they couldn't afford food.

Thats not what Jesus taught...

Gabrielle Eden said...

I think you mean that they were asked to give so much that they didn't have enough left for food. That probably meant it went above a tithe, or tenth, am I right?

That was the problem I had with the church when I went there - the constant pleas for money. It seems they are infected with "the love of money" which is the root of all evil.

This email came from a member of that church. I published it because the miracle is worth hearing about. When I was attending that church people were getting healed, so God can't be entirely displeased with the church, or with Mac Hammond. But I simply could not stay there because I felt the Holy Spirit was offended by the constant pleas for money.

You wonder how they can reconcile that with their consciences.

Matt Schafer said...

My life has radically changed in the past 3 years since my first visit to Living Word. My wife and I have seen first hand the power of healing and prayer in our lives. Pastor Mac only preaches the word. If it is not in the Bible he does not preach it. There are no pleas for money. Pastor Mac simply preaches the word in regards to the tithe. April & I started tithing 3 years ago and have seen nothing but increase in our lives since then. It has been a wonderful blessing for us and those that we've been able to bless because of it. --Matt (Prior Lake)

Gabrielle Eden said...

I am glad you are blessed. I was also blessed in many times and many ways, yet I still have questions about the church. One Sunday night, the meeting was going well, people were being ministered to, the Holy Spirit was moving, and suddenly, Mac's wife remembered that they hadn't taken an offering. She interrupted the move of the Holy Spirit to have them pass the plate. It just went along with the spirit of materialism that had come across in other ways at other times.

As I said, I don't discount the good things that have and are happening in that church. The healing is real, and there is much good teaching. So, I don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. But it's good to be cautious about that materialistic spirit.

Anonymous said...

Mac Hammond ministries has blessed my life over the years through his tv outreach - reaching me with the word of God at a time I was not attending my church home on a regular basis. He encouraged me through his broadcasts "not to neglect your church meetings" as the word instructs and also encouraged me to give first to your church home where you are being fed and receiving your spiritual food. He could have instructed to just give to him and his ministry or attend his church, but he did not. I believe anyone who is offended by the message of the tithe is anchoring their faith to tightly to their money and by not giving the first tenth back to God acknowledging that it is coming from him to begin with, is sorely missing the spiritual mark. ps I challange you to print this un-edited but am guessing you will not since it challanges your view.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Dear anonymous - I was challenged not to publish your comment just because you are being belligerent. I have not in any way shown that I will not print something that disagrees with me, for one, for another, your comment does not disagree with me, as I can agree that Hammond does preach those things.

Your attitude belies that you have not learned some basic lessons of Christian love and charity from Mac Hammond.

David K. said...

Pastor Mac is awesome! My family has been there for years and given all the years we have been there. Not only are we blessed but the peace that you have and knowing that you can rely on God for you needs because you are faithful to the church. It's not about the preacher, It's about you and your relationship with God. I know Mac personally and have watched him over the years and can say he has more integrity than anyone I have ever known. It's sad that people don't see the real reason to give. There has never been a time when LW would pressure people to give. Its the Bible. If you are going to believe it then believe the Whole thing not just the parts that are easy or comfortable for you. I am excited to give even when times are hard because I know much gospel has been spread around the Earth because of Living Word. I am part of that.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks David for sharing that. It makes me want to go back there to visit. That's encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I was very leery of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, MN, the first few times that I went there. Actually, I didn't like Pastor Mac Hammond and my husband insisted that we should give it a few more tries. And then one day, I realized that Pastor Mac wasn't trying to please anyone but God. I think that he's misunderstood by many people because he's so straight-forward and tells it like how it is in the Bible. I had a change in attitude and started appreciating Pastor Mac's sermons rather than trying to pick out everything that "I thought" was wrong. I stopped being such a critic and decided to take the sermons to heart.

My life has changed drastically. Before attending Living Word, I used to be a bitter and angry person. Although my husband and I were successful in our careers I was very unhappy.

I'm happy to say that my husband and I have been attending Living Word for 9 years. My life is much better now and my marriage life has also improved. I would not be the blessed and happy happy person I am today if it weren't for Pastor Mac's obedience to teaching the Bible the way that it's meant to be taught.

P.S. My husband and I have experienced increase beyond measure in our lives, both spiritually and financially. The more that God's given us, the more that we're able to give to others. I no longer doubt or think "inside the box" because I know that there are infinite possibilities outside of the box. Pastor Mac Hammond teaches us to think big and we believe him because we've seen it first hand.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Wow, anon., that's quite the testimony. Thanks for sharing that! This post has drawn quite the traffic, hasn't it? Great! I'm glad to hear about the feelings people have towards Hammond.

Anonymous said...

I really truly wish people would pray about things before saying Pastor Mac's church was to focused on money. I have to say at first when I started going that evil sprirt came to me as well but I continued to pray and the Lord changed my heart and I don't even think about that anymore. That man is my earthy shepard and even though I live in river falls wi the church is worth the drive. My husband and I don't get the sprirt filled teaching anywhere else like here. Now just like the human mind needs a constant reminder of Gods word we also need constant reminder of the tithing. It is a first fruit and belongs to God. His ministery is doing Gods word and many things in that area. God will deal if it wasn't being done. Adversity will come no matter what but what matters is the end result.

Anonymous said...

Watch Pastor Mac teach at World Changers Church ..Wed 10-6-10 by way of that web site:; click on... watch live and then choose Wed 10-06-10. God loves him and he loves Gods children.I pray for people who attack him. Thank God I have faith!

Gabrielle Eden said...

anon - I'm not sure when you posted your comment, but it's 10-12-10 now, so it's past the date for that, but I assume we can still watch that.

kathryn smallwood said...

Thanks for your site where people can vent...I too have been a part of the Living Word Ministries via the Internet and Television...My husband and I partnered with the ministry because Mac taught what lines up with God's Word...Too many pastors are either afraid to teach the whole gospel or are ignorant of who they are in Christ Jesus....therefore, they teach what people want to hear so they can keep their jobs...I don't believe in religion, it has been the bane of man's existence keeping God's people in bondage...making God the dammer instead of teaching James the first chapter...Jesus said that Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy and that He came to give us life and that MORE Abundantly...As it is in heaven so be it on earth was Jesus prayer...How is it in Heaven...Is their any lack? Sickness, disease, poverty....If something is being stolen from you put the blame where it belongs on Satan...God does not get glory from his children's suffering...but from their victory...sometimes we are at fault by ignorance of His Word...If you think you are doing all you know to do in a situation then get more wisdom through revelation of His Word....Learned much from Mac's teaching...Satan is going around seeking whom he may devour and he is trying to devour any ministry that is bringing people out of bondage, darkness and into God's glorious light....Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well this is just great. I just today found a statement addressed to my husband from LIvins Word. Unbeknownst to me, over $10,000 was given to this ridiculous 'organization' by my husband who was working out of the country and NEVER told me! Mind you...this was also as I struggled alone with two young not yet diagnosed with ADHD and ODD children (look it up if you dont know it) and trying to run an exhausting home business because we NEEDED the income. I'm sick to my stomach and irate as H___!