Thursday, July 9, 2009

August Rush 2007

At first sight, you think: Wow! This movie is great. Then I started to think about why this movie is dangerous.

Again it perpetuates a myth. We're supposed to believe that when a gorgeous hunk of a guy who is in a rock band, who's from Ireland, with a cute Irish accent, meets an American beauty at an after party and they hit it off and go to bed, that they immediately fall into
real love, and it is going to last for a lifetime.

I was just choking at the sight of the guy - so good looking,

thinking that if I met a guy like that, when I was younger, at a party like that, under those same circumstances, and we hit it off and we ended up sleeping together - WHAT A WHAM BAM, THANK YOU MA'AM AFFAIR THAT WOULD BE!!!

It just doesn't happen the way the movie says that it does. The guy doesn't have deep feelings of love that last for years and years. The woman though she may cherish the life within her from that night and also have feelings for the guy would have to deal with reality - that the guy doesn't really love her. Sure, I get it. She was forced to deny the right to see the guy, so it wasn't their choice. But be real! Guys like that, under circumstances and in lifestyles like that don't treat experiences like that with deep, lasting romantic feelings.

Girls, though they want to be loved, would also not necessarily expect much out of an affair like that.

It's so unreal. But then so are other aspects of the movie.

Don't get me wrong.

It's life affirming. It's saying that it is far more valuable to have a child than to abort it and I applaud the movie for this message.

But where it departs from reality it loses me. And I blame filmmakers like this for brainwashing young minds with illusions about what makes true love.

Love isn't forged out of wild affairs on moonlit nights at parties. It isn't forged because two people happened to sleep together once, or even because someone got pregnant.

This film is similar to "Bella" in its message but fails to give the pure message of Bella, which is realistic and positive at the same time, giving hope and direction to young people and not offering false hopes.

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