Thursday, July 2, 2009

God's Way For Woman

His way for women is different than for men. We are not weak, though we have been called the weaker sex.

God's way for us is to be powerful in our weakness, and we have to let Him move in the way that He designed for us so that He can be truly powerful in us.

I am learning to let God use me as a woman, and to enjoy it.

There is leadership for women. Mothers are leaders. And there are many professional women. My doctors are women. My dentist is a woman. But it is different leadership than a man's.

Sometimes women are left to take charge when men fail and have to handle horrendous things on their own.

When husbands cannot be bread winners anymore, when husbands are abusive and beyond repentance and willingness to change - a woman has to take radical steps to take care of herself and lay down the law.

But there is a lot of submission to men and the leadership role of men. It just has to be tempered with reason, because men fail miserably to live anything like the image of Christ, and women are forced to take things into their own hands.

I have discovered that Bill Gothard, though he was too extreme in some respects, and legalistic, was right about the need for a woman to be under the covering of her parents prior to marriage.

It is wonderful wisdom to discover the covering of one's parents as a single person.

Of course, not everyone has parents that they can live with. That's sad. I too could not live with my parents for so many years when it would have helped so much. But thank God for redeeming that situation.

In reading the gospels, I noticed how Jesus flew right in the face of the pharisees and saducees, telling them exactly how evil they were, inciting them to anger and hatred. Paul did the same thing again in Acts, and so did Stephen in Acts right before he was stoned to death.

I thought of how I would never do that, but then realized that it is not my place to do that, because I am a woman. A woman doing that same thing would make her ugly and unfeminine.

It is good to submit to the way God intended things to be.


sherri said...

A truly feminine woman is a beautiful creature. My mother is the most feminine woman I have ever met.
SHe is submissive, back can easily lead as does so when the need presents itself.

She's the perfect creation, in my book.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Your mom sounds absolutely awesome.