Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Getting Dark Out There!

I went to a comedy show out in a small town last night. Jeff Cesario and Scott Hansen, from the old days of comedy in the Twin Cities, were doing a gig in Waconia, Minnesota. I thought I might go out there just for old times sake, and I dragged along my cousin and my sister.

My night out with my cousin and my sister, a night spent in secular entertainment spots, taught me that the world is indeed getting dark!

Man, in the old days of comedy, you could rely on the headliner, the last guy to come on and do comedy to be the one who doesn't rely on ugly language - four letter words and all - to be funny. Not so last night. The last guy loved the "f" word so much it was incredible.

We thought that this is probably where the comedy scene has ended up. I haven't seen a comedy show in ages!

I always thought of the guy who has to rely on that kind of language as a lame comic - someone without much talent, yet the guy they had on last night has been on all sorts of big name shows on TV. So people think of him as talented! Yet he was only marginally funny.

After we went to the comedy show, we went out for appetizers to a local bar/restaurant. On large screen TVs they had a form of wrestling (UFC) where the guys look like they're going to do regular wrestling, only they do it til there is bleeding. It's like Rome in her last days - watching bloody competition just for entertainment!

It's one thing when guys watch this like a sport, and another when men and women have it in the background of eating and drinking at a bar, as entertainment.
It was so unappealing. It leaves you with a bad taste.

And a sense that people are so lost in the West. And that our values are crumbling.

Help, God, help.

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